Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lady Bird!

DoDo:- With the help of Auntie Yuka, Mum bought a "lady bird" costume for Mo chan (from Pet Paradise) . . . Since I already have the "bee" costume, I get NOTHING this time round!! Mummy damn bias neh!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ

Mum:- Ello! Daddy got you that Hamish collar what?

MoMo:- Lady bird? I chase birds!! No matter they are lady or gentleman!!! Meh . . . cannot eat one! Pui!!

MoMo:- I gib you my "殘念 Look®" (´・ω・`)

Mum:- Sit/Stay for the photos . . . I give you treats later!
MoMo:- That's more like it! (^▽ ^ )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mini Me - Rox!

It's been another busy week for the hoomans! Due to a complain from downstairs neighbor, they re-renovated the toilets flooring and we had to stay with Granny for one week! Not that I don't like it, Granny's place is always filled with FOOD!!!

MoMo:- FoOoOoD!!!!!! ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

Mum got a call from Grandpa saying that my ex-owner "D" has another litter! Hmm . . . they are offsprings of my sister!
They should call me Auntie DoDo!

Dad:- Colleague "Y" has been wanting to adopt from "D" since last year and this is a great chance to re-home these pups to a good home! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

It was a love at first sight for us on Rox! Due to the work schedule of "D" & "Y", we house Rox for a couple of hours! Needless to say, the pawrents snapped tons of photos of this little bugger during
his stay!

:- Even though you are my nephew, still have to go through butt sniffing ritual! Oei butt sniffing! Not ear sniffing!! (-。ー;)>
MoMo:- I "kop" his carrot! Nyak!!

:- WAR!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ
DoDo:- Oei! Oei!! You two play nice!!!

Video of the two playing:-

Rox:- Invade your bed! Chew your bed!! Neh Neh Neh Poo Poo!!!
&Mum:- Sounds very familiar like someone . . .
MoMo:- Oro @.@?

:- Finally energy drained off and fall asleep!

Rox:- Goodbye everyone! I'll grow up to be a healthy and handsome Dachshund!!DoDo:- Have a nice life Mini Me! Be good and be well!! ( ̄▽ ̄)
MoMo:- Don't come back without carrots!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yorkies Attack, Tanjong Beach & K9 Kulture!

:- Today Auntie G came over to play with my "soulless" meimeis:- Brianna, Onyx & Scarlett. Dad requested her to bring Quibi and PhiPhi for another photo-session because the first time we met at SGNorth BBQ, Dad didn't get much chance to take photos of them. *Dad seems to be in-love with far too MANY breeds nowadays! ( メ`ω´)*

:- It's "Quibi(bakua)" *Chinese delicacy:- BBQ meat* & "Philo(melon)" la! Yumyum, "bakua" with "melon" juice! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

Philomena:- Hello again!

Quibibacca:- HiHi!!

Sweetie:- I decided to tag along and hop into Ma's bag without her knowing! (^▽^ )

Today is our scheduled monthly swim at Tanjong Beach and also partly because pawrents feel bad about leaving us behind during their vacation! By the way a couple of new friends joined us today!

Ebi&Emma:- Woof! Woof!!

DoMo:- Ozzie, Tessie & Rocky (One of them not in picture)

DoMo:- Ah Bur (Wilbur)

DoMo:- Princess!

Kassidy:- I finally have a NAME! ( ̄▽ ̄)

After the swim we went to K9 Kulture where the hoomans/furkids have their lunch! Yum!!

Dad&Mum:- End of the day:- Concussed! (´・ω・`)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pawrents Left Us Again . . .

DoDo:- and both times in April (2008,2009) . . . I hate Spring!! (´∩`。)

In the hoomans world, they go for "holidays", "vacations" and especially in this small island Singapore, there is pretty nothing much to do!

MoMo:- Pawrents get to fly to other countries, we are stuck here . . . but as long got food I don't care! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

Mum:- Ok la . . . Ok la! Stop complaining!! Bring you to Tanjong Beach this Saturday!!!

DoMo:- That's more like it!

DoDo:- This time round, they went to a small island call Pulau Tioman. East of Malaysia (Mersing) which is north-east of Singapore.(Island to Island? Can't understand these hoomans . . .) Pawrents are there for R&R plus fishing! Hmm raw fish meat for us? (MoMo:- Orooroo @.@x fishy)

Dad&Mum:- Granny is not free to take care of the 2 rascals. We are boarding them at PamPawz this time. Pamela is a full time home boarder that has vast experience on handling dogs! We met her at SKC dog show and got her name card. Visited her den at East Coast, it is a cosy and spacious condo right beside the East Coast Park! Nice!!

DoMo:- Aunite Pam took nice nice pictures of us during the stay! The one on the right is Sydney who came for day boarding. ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

MoMo:- She likes to play tug of war with moi and play chase whole day! Unlike O-Ne chan . . . ψ(`∇´)ψ

MoMo:- We also get our daily walks from Auntie Pam! Sniff Sniff got flowers neh!!

DoDo:- Photos of pawrents fishing trip, viewer discretion is advised! (Blood from fish and topless . . . man):- (シ_ _)シ