Friday, July 24, 2009

MoMo vs Tulang! (Lamb Shank)

DoDo:- I'm the pro eating tulang! However this is the first time MoMo had one whole piece for herself. (Thank you Granny!) I have already shown her my "Tulang video" so she should have no problem! ( ̄▽ ̄)

MoMo:- Hiak! Hiak!! Just a tad bigger than chicken wing! No problemo! (`ω´ )

MoMo:- I chewed for 2 hours . . . Can I have dehydrated lamb instead? (´∩`。)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Yesterday . . . Green Room Cafe . . . Today . . .


:- Was MoMo's birthday. Dad&Mum decided to bring us to Bishan dog run, after which they will have their dinner at green room cafe. *Yucks! Vegetarian food!!* It's been a long time since we visited the dog run! We met a friend plus some new ones!!!

:- Nicky! My cla
ssmate at Waggies!!
:- Hello DoMo!

Dad:- I can't believe this is Nikki! Used to have fear aggression of dogs and snap at them, now she is so calm and confident! ( ̄▽ ̄)

:- A manja mongrel and Italian greyhound puppy which Daddy mistaken it as a whippet puppy. (Dad:- Blushed)

Lufie?:- Hello!

owChow named JJ/JayJay?

MoMo:- (シ_ _)シ Ya 2 can continue fighting, I'm gonna drink your ice-water from your Mum! Slurp!!

Green Room Cafe

:- Lem
me squeezed ya two! Say "cheese!!"

MoMo:- Me no like vege meals! ψ(`∇´)ψ

Dad:- Not for you anyway, it's for us Hoomans! This place has a nice embience! Cooling and relaxing with soft music at the background . . . we almost fall asleep after dinner!!


MoMo:- To thank ya all for bringing me out yesterday, this is what I have for you! Dad! Mum!! O-Ne chan!!! I Love You!!! (^^♥)

Dad&Mum:- ( メ`ω´)
DoDo:- Bor wa eh tai ji! *I'm not involved!*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Barkday MoMo!

DoDo:- To be frank, I don't really like you when you first came cos I have to share pawrents affection plus you destroyed all my toys & beds. ψ(`∇´)ψ
You chewed and destroyed hoomans furniture/electrical appliances/walls/flooring/carpet/rugs & shoes, but then again you have brought them endless joy and laughter with your unconditional love . . .

You have grown from an ugly duckling to a beautiful Swan. *Bleh, in the eyes of pawrents but ofcos I'm still more beautiful than you! ( ̄▽ ̄)* I never had a puppy hood like you did, pawrents don't even have my puppy photos or any memories of me. You been to places that I can only imagine when I was at your age. Pawrents had all your daily/weekly/monthly moments saved in their *& my* memories and I hate the fact that I'm loving you more as days goes by . . .

You have showed me other dogs and hoomans are not as scary as I thought, when I use to fear them till I clinched to Dad&Mum. I'm beginning to protect you when other dogs try to get rough on you, I'm giving in to your daily taunting and no longer pinned you down on the floor. I'm even letting you sleep in my "sofa" and share my favorite Kong toy with you. *Dad:- Excuse me, that is MY sofa!*

I hope we still have many years to be together with pawrents *Mum:- make that forever, please!*, so happy barkday MoMo, my little sister!

Dad&Mum:- Happy bark day MoMo! We love ya!! (≧▽≦)

MoMo:- I have already down/stay so long for ya all crapping, where are my treats? If possible can I have durians or that cakie we had last week? (`ω´*)

All:- (_ _||)

MoMo:- Pawrents also made a montage for me *Mum did most of it anyway using 2 late nights, moi licku/lupo her*, it contain bits & pieces from the day I came into their life till now . . . "tank cute" oh!!! *Thank you* I'll upload it at youtube for my doggie/hooman friends to see! (∇⌒)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You wanna know where we are every Saturday?

DoDo:- Hop over to Uncle John's blog "Little Things In Life" to find out! ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tropical King Of All Fruits - Durians!

DoDo:- Peeps that luv durians say it smells heavenly, while others who hates it say it has a pungent smell! *Freaky Dad hates durians* As for me, I durians! Yummy . . . every year I look forward going to Granny's place for durians!

MoMo:- "Duran Duran?!" Daddy luv their songs! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ *MoMo has never tasted durians before*
All:- . . .

Mum:- Granny really pampered you two rascals *and me ofcos* Specially bought it for us!

MoMo:- orz . . . durian is not a song, lemme smell this weird yellow thingy . . . sniff sniff . . .

MoMo:- Holly Molly! This taste heavenly!! I'm gonna swallow Mum's finger!!! (´ ▽ `; )

Finger licking good!!!

MoMo:- More! More!! More!!! (´゚ω゚` )

Video of the two eating durians.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Romance Bridal Fair!

We are honored to be invited to do a "dogwalk" at the bridal fair! Our sponsor is Doggie Wardrobe which provided the costumes for the event. We were even featured at Diva Asia! w00t!!

DoDo:- Mummy is very excited as this is her first "catwalk" show. However Daddy is not really into dogs wearing anything, he still thinks we look best "naked" in our natural coat. But then he is excited about bringing us into Suntec convention hall as this is a rare opportunity that they will allow non working canine into the building.

MoMo:- See those treats in Mum's hand? Let's get her to give us every one of them! Hurhur!!
DoDo:- Why must I dressed like a boy? ( メ`ω´)

Cobi:- My beautiful bride orh!
Princess:- Me is "chia char bor!" (`ω´*) *Roof!*

Quibi:- Belly tired! Lemme lie on you hon . . .
PhiPhi:- My trademark™ :þ sticking out! (^^)>

Westie PowerrrRrrr~

Calm and well behaved sheltie pair!

MoMo:- Mum! I don't wanna walk anymore . . . can I stay inside the bag with Sweetie?
Sweetie:- Hiak! Hiak!!

DoDo:- The hoomans seems to be enjoying themselves but poor us canine had to change 4 sets of costumes to "dogwalk" on the red carpet.
Mum:- But ya all get treats plus we get to keep all the costumes too!! (^o^;♥)
DoMo&Dad:- Vain!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SGNorth Gathering - ECP

DoDo:- Dad has been busy with work *hmmm & play?*, he just came back from a Thailand/Malaysia road trip . . . and FINALLY I can blog again!

I gotta back track to June for the 4th SGNorth gathering organized by Auntie A and Auntie G. Hoomans are having BBQ at ECP . . . *huh? AGAIN?* Can't they come up with something new? Every gathering is BBQ!

Dad:- Complain ah? Don't go la! (_ _||)

MoMo:- Enough of ya two babbling! Lemme introduce some new members & friends orh!

Dad:- We finally get to meet BiBi! She was born with nerve problems and couldnt walk since young. Her previous owner had to re-home her after 8 years becos they can't cope with a new born baby in the house. *yaya I know, lame excuse*

Angelic Auntie C adopted her without second thoughts. She & hubby both had adopted a few birth defect or crippled dogs abandoned by owners. If you wanna know more about them, hop over to their blog at

BiBi:- Auntie G die die want to shave Mohawk look on me! So hip!! . . . I'm already an "Ah Ma" *granny* according to doggie age. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Oreo:- Do pa say I look like an onion!

Cutie:- Arlow! I'm barely 3 months old!! \( ̄∇ ̄)/

A beautiful Sheltie named Jacky we met at the park.

Mum: The group photo! Eh? Where are all the men?