Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


DoDo:- This is so frustrating! Cooped up in the house for almost 2 freaking months!! We can't even visit our pawfriends and hoomans friends!!! 怒ε=( メ`ω´)/

:- That is because ya two has been scratching yourself for the past weeks *seasonal* plus you puncture a hole on MoMo muzzle (not forgetting the growth in your pawpad). . . also it's only like "one" month not "two" . . .

DoDo:- RAWR!!~!!!!~!!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GET YOURSELF A GOLDFISH, I don't want a goldie little brother . . .

Yuki:- I'm not sure I am a boy or girl *blush* (´Д`;)/
MoMo:- Knock! Knock!! Sashimi? *slurp*

Dad:- Pfft!! ( ̄∇ ̄)

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Aftermath III

DoDo:- Dad was busy researching his recent interest on Aquarium . . . *and playing Final Fantasy XIII*, he totally forgot there is a terrorist in the house! As for me, I was lazing on the feet of Dad as usual . . .

Dad:- Something is not right when MoMo is out of my sight and gone totally quiet . . . *Usually we will hear the toys squeaking/bone chewing/bell ringing/paw stepping sound*

Terrorist "M" taking a break after the tiring sabotage session . . . not knowing I sneaked up behind her . . .

MoMo:- Hiak! Whataya want from me!? *Listening too much Adam Lambert songs lately*

Dad:- Since the damage was done, scolding you served no purpose! Now you stay and pose for me!!
MoMo:- Ororoo (@@;)> Sir yes sir!!!

Shot 1, Mo's in the sea of clouds!

Shot 2, Dozing in the sea of soap suds.

Shot 3, foam bath!

Last shot,
MoMo:- Mum says I look like a sheep! "Dachsheep"?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Satellite No. 2 - DoDo

Seems like it not a good start of the new year! After MoMo's adventure. Now its DoDo's turn.... Sign...

DoDo: I dont like my satellite!!

Me: Sorry DoDo, this is to prevent you from licking your medicine.

MoMo: eh? I'm ok with it. New things to lick~

It all started with a bump on DoDo's right pawpad. It's been there for over 1 week now, we thought its the usual. She had one on her ear sometime ago which reduced after an injection from Dr Tong.

Today I decided to bring her to Dr Tong again after her nail cutting. Dr Tong said its a growth, don't think its cancerous and gave me 2 options; 1) injection to reduce it which will take up to 2 months or 2) GA her so he can cut it off. I choose injection, I think GA is not a good idea for now. Dr Tong said he is 95% sure its not cancerous as DoDo is still young and normally they don't grow on paw.
My fingers are crossed.. hope its nothing serious o(><")o Well now we have dual Satellites at home.. Maybe we will get better reception for our TV?

By the way, this is MoMo's latest photo of her wound. It still look bit raw but at least the hole is gone.

Satellite No. 1 - MoMo

Dad went fishing about a week ago. So DoDo & MoMo stayed at home with me as usual.
4 days ago, after coming home I thought of dolling MoMo up a bit and took pictures of her. While taking pictures, I saw something on MoMo's face.. It looked like a mini hole.

: "It was an accident... it wasn't on purpose."

: "face feels itchy, why the satellite? it taste nice though..."(lick lick)

: sigh...

DoDo & MoMo must have been trying to grab each other's kong and DoDo accidentally nipped MoMo. There was no bleeding when I saw the wound and no blood on their bed or floor. Nevertheless, MoMo was rushed to the vet and DoDo had to be left at home, barking in wonder why she wasn't bought along too....

Vet shaved bit of MoMo's face. She said there's a small hole and rinsed her wound with saline solution ending with a thick cream application. She also advised no outdoor activities for the time being in case of flies flying into the hole(gross!). These are the solutions and medicine for 1 week.

This was how MoMo looked 4 days ago. She is getting better though, playing and eating well everyday. No kongs for them for the time being..

And we thought thats the end of it.........