Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vote for Me!!!

DoDo:- Dad has been hogging the computer and "flying" in the world of Aion as "Daeva" and thus I have been getting less time accessing the internet and visiting pawfriends bloggies . . . adding salt to the wound, Mum is joining him too!!!

MoMo:- Luckily we still get our daily meals and bi-weekly swim at TJB! ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

Dad&Mum:- Addiction is bad! m(_._)m

DoDo:- Anyway last week we went to TJB then to K9 kulture for lunch, this has almost become a routine for us as the hoomans really love the cafe. USBakery is just beside it and serve our doggie food! Yum!!

MoMo:- We met Blanket and Blanket Ma plus friends celebrating hooman/doggie? birthday at K9! They are so nice and gave us a piece of the cake!!! (⌒∇⌒)

Video of O-ne chan snatching the cake and swallowing it . . . (Mum:- I had to dig it out so MoMo can have a piece of it!)

DoDo:- It's kinda weird the title is "Vote for Me!!!" eh? That's because I refuse to acknowledge that little rascal MoMo is now one of the finalists for the "Adorable Mini Dachshund" Contest on Facebook. ヾ(´・ω・`)

Here's the photo that Mum submitted.

Link to Facebook photo

They are now getting her supporters to vote for her by clicking on "Like" on her photo.

For votes to be eligible, her supporters must also be a fan AND friend of NADC. Simply add NADC *Noo Age Dog Company* as a fan on and add Dr. Noo as a friend to do so.

MoMo:- Vote da for moi!!! Moi will share all my treats with fellow pawfriends orh! Voting ends 10 Oct!! \(^^\) (/^^)/