Sunday, May 31, 2009

Revisiting East Coast Park

DoDo:- It is not easy to get crouch potatoes on their feet sometimes let alone asking them(him rather) to drive us to the beach every weekend . . .

(Dad:- Raise an eyebrow o.O?)

DoDo:- I don't know what got into Dad's head today he actually agreed to go ECP with Bon's pawrents on a Saturday afternoon! *Usually he is lazing on the crouch with his book or glued to his PC*

Dad:- Bleh! Because I'm suffering from "WGCI" syndrome!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ

MoMo:- Daddy I lup you!

We picked up Bon's pawrents, Auntie B and Jiejie M at their place and off to ECP! The weather was perfect and the hoomans are having a pinic at the beach. Two more Bon's pawrents church mates joined us later. (Dad:- Pai sei, I forgot their names AGAIN!)

MoMo:- Wah piang eh *OMD*! Look at the FoOoOoD! (・ω・ ♥)
(Dad:- The 2 rascals were busy picking up scraps/leaves/roots on the beach all evening . . .)

DoDo:- If you don't know already, Bon pa is a superb chef! (Dad:- PICKLES! More!MoRE!!MORE!!!)

MoMo:- My "botak" *bald* boyfriend BonBon now looking like a Chihuahua! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ
BonBon:- Me hump youuUUu! Don't runNnnN!! Mi LovEee!!!

Our mini group photo:-

Dad:- Thank you John & Dana for organising this and allowing us to use the photos for blogging! (DoDo:- Because you lazy to bring your own camera!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SKC Dog Show - May 2009

DoDo:- This is the second time Dad manage to "convince" grandpawrents to go SKC dog show with us! w00t!! They seems to enjoy themselves and were in love with a mini poodle at the agility ring!!! *me jealous . . .* (_ _||)

Dad&Mum are getting very lazy lately *insufficient sleep due to addiction of a Facebook game call "Restaurant City"* Thus we only have few photos worth keeping at the show . . .

Dad&Mum:- Complain us ah? NO TREATS FOR YA!! 怒ε=( メ`ω´)

DoDo:- Hoomans having lunch outside the show ring. We can only sit on the floor . . . Daddy say it is unethical to put us on the chairs meant for hoomans . . . *why others can we cannot? duh* ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

Cayenne:- ROAR! I'm a tiny lioness!
Mum:- Cho Kawaii!~!!~!!! (・ω・ ♥)
DoMo:- . . . .

MoMo:- Mum did manage to grab a few pinku Ts for moi!

MoMo:- As usual I have to be their model . . . No treats no pose!! ('ω´*)

MoMo:- On sale rope/soft toys! All from PetsMoMo *same name as moi* (≧▽≦)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Angels & Demons!

Dad:- I WANT TO BLOG TODAY! (`ω´*)

DoMo:- Horkay . . . *Flee~*

When we are at home:-(Angels)

They sleep peacefully!

Play with kongs/toys! So well behaved!! Lie in our arms flip their bellies . . .

When we are NOT at home:- (Demons)

They ripped TV cables

Chewed paintings

Chewed TV speaker (Mini theater system also gone but no pictures)

Destroyed numerous pairs of RCA cables from DVD & misc . . .

Dad:- Ya two better pray don't let me catch either one of you in the act!!!

DoMo:- Flee! Flee~! Flee~!~!! Σ( ゚Д ゚ |||)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Boyfriend BonBon - Lost!!!

UPDATE (09/05/09):- Bon is back home! Thank you everyone that rendered their help! m(_._)m

DoDo:- Notti notti Bon slipped out of the house when his pawrents were busy with house chores! They went searching for him but it was too late . . .

MoMo:- Hurhur! Who left the door open!? He must have gone out to look for me! mE!! ME!!! (or food?)

Dad&Mum:- (´∩`。)

BonBon:- I just went out looking for Mo chan! Don't worry so much I'll be back soon Pa/Ma!! (≧▽≦)

DoMo:- If you found our boyfriend please contact his pawrents at 9*******4/9******9! We miss him so much!! (>ω< ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cobi & Ody Barkday Pawty!

DoDo:- Yesterday we attended Cobi & Ody's pawty! It's BBQ for the hoomans but we had a lot of doggie food too! Yum!! (∇⌒)

MoMo:- Me got FoOoOoD, anything also OK de! Mum say I look cute in this photo!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Cody & Ody's Barkday Cakie!

Cobi & Ody plus pawrents

Cobi:- Seems like all the female(dogs) are spayed except this Hooman!
Ody:- THAT IS MY MA! HOOT U AH!! 怒ε=( メ`ω´)/

Dad:- That is a shitload of MS! *and 3 MS wannabe* (btw try counting the number of tongues sticking out!)

Mum:- We can play "spot the MS contest" in this picture!
DoDo:- I counted 11, 12? or 13 MS in this photo!! Σ( ゚Д゚ |||)