Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doggie House & False Pregnancy!

Is it an instinct that dogs love warm & cosy "den"? I'm kinda confused as I have been all along behaving more like a "human" or what the hoomans call "human dog" . . .

As I spend more time with MoMo, it seems that these basic dog instincts are coming back to me!

DoDo:- Warm & cosy "den" plus a furry "pillow" for me . . . ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

MoMo:- Why don't you go back to your bed and sofa! ψ(`∇´)ψ

DoDo:- MoMo has been suspected of having "false pregnancy"! Although it's unlikely she got "pregnant" while we board BonBon in January, the pawrents are bringing her to do an ultrasound (2nd week of March) just to confirm.

Duh! Can you imagine her a 7 month old "kiddo" having babies?

MoMo:- Babies? Can eat one?? ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Eventful Weekend!

Tanjong Beach, Urban Pooch & Animal Resort. Pawrents are making up for the lack of socializing/exercise due to MoMo's heat, they went crazy this weekend bringing us to 3 different places over the weekends.

I overheard the hoomans conversation of an unfortunate event that happened at the beach, We just want to wish her( the poor innocent victim) a full & speedy recovery!

DoDo:- Dad has been mumbling to Mum that he is "partly" responsible, if only he had insisted on certain things at the very beginning . . . this dreadful incident might not even happen . . .

Dad:- Hontoni Gomenasai! m(_._)m

MoMo:- Huh? Lunno why ya all lup "mahjong beach" salty waters so much . . . also why Daddy say "Honda kanna sai"?!? *Honda is crap*

Mum:- DUH!! It means "Very Sorry" in Japanese! Nothing to do with "Honda"!!! (_ _|;)>

DoMo:- Why the shore is still so far away after paddling for 10mins?!?!
Dad:- Secret! "Mai ka li gong!!" *Not gonna tell ya!* (^▽^ )

DoDo:- Animal Resort at Seletar Farmway has lots of animals! Dogs, Rabbits, Peacocks and Goats! MoMo went beserk and tug the leash so hard she almost choke herself!

Mum:- You also tug very hard!

MoMo:- We met up with one clicker trainer. I am supposed to go for obedience training to get a certificate for application to become a "therapy dog"! Auntie Jaz is very friendly & chatty, I lup her! (^ω^♥)

DoDo:- Mo chan first time on agility equipment. Look at the face, what a disgrace to Dachshunds! (`ω´*)
MoMo:- Eeek! Lis is scary!! Closed my eyes and scream:- "Daddddddddyyyyyyyyyy help moi"!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Operation Update!

DoDo:- It's been 3 weeks after my spaying operation! I'm alive and kicking! w00t!! Eating well and sleeping well. (Mum:- Ya like a pig!)

DoDo:- Dad has taken some post operation pictures, the wound healed pretty well and the scar is almost invisible now!

MoMo:- Cos I licked it everyday! ψ(`∇´)ψ

DoDo:- Here they are! Dr. Kenneth Tong "sewing" skills is pretty good!
MoMo:- Dr. Kenneth! (^ω^♥)ノ "Ah Bu Qiu, Ahhh Buuu Qiu" It's will be my turn 2 months later!

MoMo:- Daddy is playing with the camera settings lately, trying to capture some of my "tongue" action!
Dad:- Failed miserably though! Any gurus for DSLR settings for capturing movements please help!!

DoDo:- Dad got pissed playing around the settings, in the end he go for fully auto mode for newbie! (muhahahahaaa)

Dad:- . . . . . . ( メ`ω´)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2009 First SKC Dog Show!

15 Feb 2009, the first 2009 SKC dog show at Singapore Expo!

Dad&Mum are always looking forward to dog shows so they can go meet up friends and let us socialize with other doggie friends.

This is MoMo's first SKC dog show and she is very pumped up! Whining and wagging her tail at the toilet door bugging Dad to put on the collar! (Dad:- I think you whine more than her!)

Upon arriving, we already met a lot of our old doggie friends! *butt sniffing and hoomans chit chatting*, Dad&Mum as usual have their "brunch" at the Burger King . . . Hmmmm . . . no fries for us? ヾ(^▽^ )ノ
Mum:- Ya you "dan gu gu"!!! *NEVER*

We will be only posting some new doggie friends pictures! The rest of the photos can be found at the bottom slide show!

DoDo:- Kuro & Kuro ma! It's a pity we didn't get to see Soho today! Kuro is also taking part at the SKC puppy show! Hope he will be the Dachshund champion in the future!!

MoMo:- This is Marble! He has weird colors like moi!
Mum:- That is call a "brindle" pattern! *ah bish!!* ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

MoMo:- 2 more "sausage" buddies ! Daddy has fetish over smooth-haired . . . most of his photos are smoothes . . .

DoDo:- Skylar! He doesn't look too thin does he? He is a fuzzy eater like yours truly:- ME!

DoDo:- DouDou in his tram! Wish we had one like him so we don't have to walk . . .
Dad:- Muahahahaa ya! "DAN GU GU"!! You still have to walk 2hrs a day!!

This is Bailey(Dog) and TaichiPanda!(Hooman)

MoMo:- A brindle french bulldog! Nice!!

And our favorite photos of the day:- The smile on their faces are priceless!

MoMo:- Dad&Mum says they have plans for me to become a "therapy" dog in the future!
DoDo:- Alrighty! That means nobody will disturb me during my afternoon nap!!
Dad&Mum:- Oh . . . we didn't mention you will be trained with MoMo as well?

。 。 。 。 。 。 殘念 。 。 。 。 。 。( ゚Д゚ ≡ ゚Д゚ )

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unlucky (or Stoopid!?) Daddy at Friday 13th!

First he deleted pictures at Picasa online album and most of the picture's links in the blog are gone!!! Spent 1~2hours restoring the damage . . .

Then he realized his cable TV is not working anymore!
DoDo:- My figurine from Japan is ruined as well!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ
Mum:- Courtesy of MoMo!

DoDo:- I can't believe that they still bought that "destroyer" a nice & cosy doggie house . . .
Dad:- To be fair . . . we didn't know she will chew those while we were out, you should have "stopped" her!!! (`ω´*)

MoMo:- Ororoo! I lup Dad&Mum!! \(^^\)

MoMo:- Meh! Being small & cute definitely has it's advantage!! (/^^)/

DoDo:- I'll just make my bed and go to sleep early tonight . . . Hoomans . . . ( メ`ω´)

Dad&Mum:- On the bright side, It's Valentine!! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!! (^ω^*)ノ♥

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snowing Inside Our Home!

When Dad&Mum leave us alone in the house for too long, shit happens!

DoDo:- It's not that I can't pin down the "culprit" on the floor, it's just that I don't bother to do it!!! (To get back pawrents leaving us in the house . . . )

MoMo:- NaNaNa . . . PooPoo! (^▽^ )

Dad&Mum:- . . . How do we know if it's not BOTH of you involved!!?

DoMo:- Mehhhhhh!!! GUESS?

Dad:- This was what I saw when I step in the house . . . First thought that came into my mind was . . . "DAMN! ANOTHER BED GONE!!"
( メ`ω´)

Dad:- Luckily the bed was intact . . . hmmm . . . what was it then?

Mum:- Auntie Khim's present . . . lasted 2 days! So sorry!!! m(_._)m

Monday, February 9, 2009

Honest Weblog Award

Huskee & Hershey gave us the Honest Weblog award. It's an honor to receive this award from them. (Dad:- For DoMo to practice honesty, that is good! MoMo:- Ho"nesty"? Bird"nest"? Can eat one?) Anyhoo here are the rules:-

When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog”. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!

Dad:- Start cracking ya two brains and come up with the 10 honest things EACH about yourselves . . . I'm not gonna help . . .
Mum:- Mi gotta do house chores . . .

DoMo:- WHAT ThEeE . . . wOOf . . . being honest means we get "piak piak" on our backside, are the hoomans crazy? Pawrents seems to be very serious on this! ┐(-。ー;)┌

Dad:- Get going!!! *whips* ψ(`∇´)ψ

1) I prefer the company of Dad&Mum over ANYTHING!
2) I jumped off the agility equipment at PetMover once! The height is about 1.5meters.
3) I luv to chew my hind leg when nobody is watching!
4) My best friend is the MS plush toy given by Granny. I will jump on the sofa to say hi to him/her everyday . . . ヾ(^▽^ )ノ
5) I don't fart but my mouth stinks when I'm on cooked food!
6) I am very fussy about my food - Until my competition arrives . . . (MoMo) now I finish my food in 10 seconds.
7) I don't play with toys! (Unless you count snuggling Dad&Mum hands!)
8) I am terrified of pawrents quarrels. I will hide under the Sofa. (Dad&Mum:- HUSH!)
9) I luv swimming!
10) I hate MoMo . . .

1) I get to ‘inherit’ all the toys that had been rejected by DoDo plus many more from pawrents cos I'm behaving more like a dog!
2) I am the complete opposite of DoDo . . . I love to play with other dogs and socializing with hoomans!
3) I squeezed through the door gate opening 1/2 the size of my body. Dad&Mum is still wondering how I did it! (I don't know how I did it either, I just thought of the smell and freEEeedom outside . . .)
4) I am at the 3rd week of my first "heat" . . . (And I lick my "peach" when pawents are not watching) Dad:-/shakes fists! (`ω´*)
5) I have bowed hind legs!
6) I will eat anything and shred everything (soft squeaky toys especially)
7) I am always chewing my collar and the safety belt(s) at the back seat during car rides
8) Many hoomans think I have skin disease becos of my coat pattern . . . (dapple)
9) I hate swimming.
10) I lupo *love* DoDo!!

We'd like to pass this award (and tag) on to:-


Dad:- Both of them concussed after using too much brain-juice! (_ _|;)>

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SGNorth Gathering - BBQ

Yesterday is the post CNY SGNorth gathering. It is also SGNorth first gathering of the year 2009! *Lunar Calendar* The Hoomans have booked 2 neighborhood BBQ pits and ordered BBQ packages from They delivered everything to our BBQ pits area! Nice!!

Hmmm . . . have they forgotten something? What about food for the DOGS?!?!?!? (´∩`。)

Luckily we have auntie Adeline *Cobi ma* that prepared the nice doggies food for us! Also organizing the ice-breaking session and they have customized a SGNorth collar tags(looks like hand phone strap) for the dogs!!

We also like to thank Pam's b/f for doing most of the BBQing! Jason, Victor & John for helping and of cos the rest of hoomans for helping to eat!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

DoDo:- 2009 first group photo! Some of the members/friends already left before the group photo! Stay longer next time ok?

MoMo:- New Yorkie friends! "Cupid"? I don't know how to spell his/her name!
DoDo:- I think she is "FiFi"!!
DoMo:- Update:- She is Philomena! (PhiPhi)

DoDo:- He/She is "Cupid"?
MoMo:- No She is "FiFi"!!
DoMo:- Update:- He is Quibibacca! (Quibi)

MoMo:- This one is "Sweetie"? Everyone is cuddling her instead of me today!! (`ω´*) She is really tiny!!! *Dad say she looks more like a kitten than a dog! Muhahahaha*

Dad:- Sandy's Yorkie. (Forgot the name! Sorry!!) (´ ▽ `;)>
DoMo:- Update:- She is TangTang!

DoMo:- We know! This is "BUFFY"!!

Mum:- "Zaedy"! Mueks!!

DoDo:- My 14 year old uncle Stein Lee. *psst . . . he doesn't know about his e-collar chewed up by MoMo* ( ゚Д゚ ≡ ゚Д゚ )
MoMo:- "Diam Diam" *Hush!* You!!!

. . . AND the most "special" guest today is Brownie, Herena latest pet rabbit!! Don't she know I eat rabbit meat? Nyak!!

By the way if you are interested in joining SGNorth future events please register at our yahoo group at The events are under the "Database" & "Polls" section! Do sign up/vote for the events early in order for the organising peeps to prepare in advance! Hope to see more new friends in our next gathering!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Escape Artist - Constraint!

It is not easy becoming the most "loved" family member mainly because
1) I don't chew stuffs
2) Pee/poo anywhere
3) Escape out of the door when it's opened

Some of the things that MoMo still couldn't resist at times . . .

DoDo:- Role model in the house! Yep ME!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Although Dad&Mum has been training via the "invisible border" theory but MoMo is very stubborn and persist on getting out and smell the neighbour's flowers. In order to counter MoMo escaping act *with on-going training*, Dad puts up a wire-mesh at the door! Now she can only listen & smell the stuffs outside!!

MoMo:- What this thingy doing here!?!!? (´∩`。)

Dad:- Your favorite toy?
MoMo:- NO!!!

MoMo:- Let me out! LLeT mE oUT!! LET ME OUTTA HERE!!! 怒ε=( メ`ω´)/

All:- ┐(-。ー;)┌