Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jackerteers Invasion!

Daddy was sweeping/mopping the floor today! Hmm!! Something that he doesn't do normally. (Mum:- . . .)

I overheard him telling Mum "Jackerteers" are coming . . . it is Ginger mei? Ginger ma got bring nice food or not?

:- FoOd?!? ('ω´ ;)>

:- They arrive at around 3pm with a new friend named "ZhuZhu". Rain & Shine is here as well!

DoMo:- Ginger MeiMei!(JieJie!)
Dad:- This is the first time I'm so near to Ginger and I even manage to carry her in my arms for a while! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

:- They say our face look alike? Hmm! Black & Tan JRT!!
Rain:- I wanna kiss you! You been nibbling on me all day long!

:- Rain&Shine ma giving us treats! Yum!!

Video of them wait
ing for for treats:-

Video of Shine(Ah bui) trying to reach MoMo under the sofa :-

Caught in the act! Who Who?
ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

Dad:- This photo didn't come easy, getting 4 Jacks and 2 Sausages to down/stay for even 5 seconds is a real challenge!!

Very sorry for the photos quality, the main camera was taken by DoMo ma for her event plus I don't really know how to use her point & shoot camera! m(_._)m

Saturday, March 28, 2009

OMG! A Photo Montage!!

DoDo:- JoJo's pawrents made an awesome photo montage of us! OMG!! It's beautiful!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Dad&Mum:- DoMo agrigato! m(_._)m

We will not host the video here but will link everyone to their blog at MyWhitePaws! Enjoy!!

MoMo:- Ororo? Montage? Sounds like a chocolaty thingy! Yumyum!! (・ω・ ♥)>

Friday, March 27, 2009

Update On MoMo Surgery & Mummy New Haircut!

DoDo:- Hello peeps! It's been a week since my last update! As you can see, I have change the main page background picture. Also we have been grounded at home due to Mo's surgery and thus not much outdoor activities for the past week. However we have quite a few visitors to our den! They have to come visit MoMo. Dad&Mum:- Thank you all! m(_._)m

The "Jackerteers" *Ginger, JoJo, ZhuZhu, Rain & Shine* will visit us this weekend too! w00t!! *JRT is also one of Dad's most favorite breed!* ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

:- Tis is moi at Day 3! Still quite painful ne! (´∩`。)

Day 5

Day 7

DoDo:- Mummy got a new haircut yesterday and bugged Dad to take a few photos with us! Dad:- that "jealous pot" keeps trying to squeeze herself into the pictures . . . (_ _||)>

DoDo:- Mum say I have "Pearly" eyes? Hmm like the pearls in 珍珠奶茶? *Bubble Tea* (Mum:- Nod! Nod!!)

Dad:- Finally one without that 背后靈! *Ghost* (Mum:- There is still a "black shadow" behind, looks like I have to use photoshop . . . ψ(`∇´)ψ*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

MoMo Gets Visitors!

This rascal actually have pawfriends and hoomans coming to visit her after surgery! I'M SO JEALOUS!! Nobody visited me after my spaying operation in January except grandpawrents . . . ψ(`∇´)ψ

Mum:- Ah bish! It is actually a gathering for the hoomans la, don't be so sensitive!

DoDo:- Liar!

Dad:- Hoot U!! (シ_ _)シ

DoDo:- Proof!:- Auntie Tigress made steamed salmon with Chinese herbs! Just for her!! She also brought along her 3 Chihuahuas . . .

S,P & ?:- We are cats you silly! PurrrrRrrrrrRRrrr . . . (=^・ェ・^=)

Then Uncle S and Auntie P also came with Ody & Zaedy!

Ody&Zaedy:- Yoz! Whassup DoMo!!

Uncle Orangutan & Auntie Pony plus Auntie Unicorn also bring along Cobi & WangWang!!!

Cobi&Wang:- Arlow DoMo!

MoMo: O-Ne chan, I have to be inside playpen most of the time because of my surgery . . . Not really that fun if you asked me . . . (´・ω・`)

DoDo:- You get to eat first, mai complain! Rest of us get the scraps . . .

Sweetie & ???:- Wa is tis? Kannot tee!!??!? (´∩`。)

Dad:- Gotta give credits to Pamela for taking most of the photos in this gathering!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Will We Hate Them?

Someone asked Daddy this question. Will we (dogs) hate him & Mum for spaying us and letting us suffered the pain plus losing the vital organ for reproduction. The answer is:-DoDo:- As long I am with them and able to snuggle in their sofa plus constant belly rubs, they can do what they want with me!

MoMo:- Treats? Hur! Play! Hurhur!! GaiGai? Hurhurhur!!! What "origans", "hornys", "glams" or "urineterus"? Can eat?! Hurhurhurhur!!!!

Dad&Mum:- . . . We are pretty sure the horny male dogs will be quieter in the neighborhood . . . ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

DoDo:- As most of our paw friends probably already know, MoMo went for ultrasound last week and was suspected of uterus infection with swollen horns & glands. She had to do the spaying operation ASAP as advised by the vet.

Before the surgery, as usual the pawrents are worried that she will not "wake up". They even brought us to Happi Daze at Serangoon Garden for a mini gathering *day before surgery*!! (Mum:- Nonsense! She is too greedy not to wake up for food/treats!)

MoMo:- Daddy allow us to sleep on the sofa with him *very rare*! I also left a "present" for him while he sleep. Nyak! Nyak!! Nyak!!!
Dad:- You pooed on my sofa!!! ( メ`ω´)

MoMo: I woke up 1 hour after surgery leh . . . where is my dehydrated pork? Arararaaaa (@.@ ;)>

Mum:- We want her to rest as much as possible so there won't be too many photos of her today, but we did "peeped" a little and the incision was much longer then DoDo surgery in January. Partly because of the swollen glands. Vet also inform us she has loss slightly more blood then normal spaying operation. (´∩`。)

Anyway we are glad that she woke up from G.A. and after a couple hours already strong enough to walk a little in the house! Phew!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

SGNorth Gathering - Club4Paws!

Fun! FuN!! FUN!! Sunday at Club4Paws! This is the 3rd SGNorth gathering and I'm must say both hoomans and furkids had loads of fun that day!! They have a cafe (My Dog Ate It), grooming services, boarding of dogs, agility equipments and even obedience training at this place.

The hoomans booked the swimming pool for 4 hours (A big thank you to Uncle Victor and Auntie Adeline for organizing this) but it seems to me not many of them(dogs) are swimmers! Sheesh! What a waste!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

"Best In Pool" *BIP* ofcos is yours truly:- ME! *Dad:- bleh not quite! You still don't dare to jump into the pool!*

A short video of DoMo swimming:-

Runner up:- Ody and
MiuMiu! Look at that straighten tail!!

MoMo and Zaedy very close at 3rd positions!!!

Honorable mention:-
Cobi although being "rescued" a few times by Auntie A, managed to paddle for a while in the water! Zoe is more of a "bikini beach lady" which cannot perform in the pool but a champion at Tanjong beach . . . (゚▽ ゚ )

ultimately the "BIP" award goes to *drum rolls* WANGWANG!!! Fearless Pekingese that jumped into the pool and did a full lap! *Although after that he refuse to go into water again* Pawrents are all amazed by his courage to jump in the pool cos the rest of us are being "tossed" or "position" inside the pool in order to start the swim . . . ( ̄ー ̄)

Anyway, there are some new doggie friends that joined us for the first time in
SGNorth gathering! (Sorry if we got the names wrong, kindly drop a message in the shoutbox or comment column!) Also we don't have clear shots on the cocker spaniel named "Jewel", will make it up next time we meet ok?:- ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

the light grey MS and Bailey the cocker spaniel!

Trixie the JRT and Oscar the only white MS that day!

:- Billiejean&Cookie!

The hoomans had their fair share of fun too! Watching them running to & fro and answering doggie related questions is hilarious plus they didn't know we are actually teasing and laughing at them behind!!!

The group photo!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Are In Big Trouble!!!

DoDo:- Dad&Mum favorite Zen coffee table . . .

Dad:- Did you do it?!? Did you DO IT?!?!?! ψ(`∇´)ψ
DoDo:- Aruglurparara...woof (@.@ x)

Mum:- You are NOT getting down this computer table until you tell us who did it!!! ( メ`ω´)/

MoMo:- Araraaraaa . . . (´∩`。) *As if you can understand our barking?*

Dad:- I confessed! They miss their daily walks yesterday . . . please forgive me!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Random MoMo's Videos.

How to get the treats out from Kong:-

How to get a more comfy spot on sofa:-

Dad:- In terms of dog intellectual, MoMo wins!

DoDo:- I'm a cat *purrrrrrrrRRRrrrrrr*, silly pawents . . . (=^・ェ・^=)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Not Pregnant!!!

MoMo:- Today I get to blog because I'm in the "spotlight" again. Thank you "O-Ne chan"! *Sister*

DoDo:- bleh . . .

For the past 1 month, Pawrents have been very worried about my false pregnancy symptoms. Finally the result is out today! The ultrasound was done at Animal Recovery Center (Balestier) by a belle vet :- Dr. Paulik!

She shaved my belly and applied jelly *yummy?* on it and start rubbing a tube on me . . . it felt really itchy and I struggled to break free but pawrents was helping her holding moi down!

Verdict:- Woohoo! I'm not pregnant!! Dad&Mum were so relieved that I don't have to become a "Puppy Mummy"! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

Two pictures of my ugly shaved belly (For the ultrasound, looks like the Dr. Paulik failed miserably at grooming):-

BUT . . . there is a bad news too! Dr. Paulik told pawrents there are signs of uterus infection on moi, they will have to spay me ASAP! Preferably by end of this month! (´・ω・`)

Dad&Mum:- Not a problem for us, we are planning to "cut" you anyway!!

DoDo:- Like ya all "cut" me in Jan huh? ψ(`∇´)ψ

MoMo:- They have scheduled the operation on 20th March 2009! Looks like I will miss the SMU event on 21st!! I think this time round Granny will be here to look after moi! w00t!! A lot of apples and cheese to eat again!! Yum & Slurp!!! (・ω・ ♥)