Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doggie Pawprints!

Cobi's pawrents, Auntie P and Uncle S started a new dot com selling babies and doggies stuffs! As god sisters of Cobi, its our duty to support them! *Dad:- If you are interested in getting the pawprints frame, do visit their website at HugsNCuddles!*

DoDo:- Our pawrents were interested in the pawprints frame, they felt that we need to leave our prints in "hard copy" in case other dogs murdered the stray cats and they can use it to prove our innocence when AVA/SPCA come knocking on our door . . . ヾ(。><)シ

MoMo:- I think pawrents are so silly . . . the whole neighborhood knows only the 2 of us will murder the stray cats . . . *DoDo:- HUSH!!!*

Dad&Mum:- ( -ω-)

Anyway . . . we took pictures during the making of the frame to share with all pawfriends.

The packaging.

What's inside.

Roll the "dough/clay" into a flat rounded "pancake" *MoMo:- Yum!*

DoDo & MoMo:- Haik! Our prints being taken by inspector Dad!

The purrfect paw print. *If you don't like it always can re-do till you are satisfy with it*

You can also get creative and create designs/names before it dries up!

Cut it into the shape you like!

Leave it in the room to dry for 24-36hrs.

Using double sided tape, stick them on the right side.
MoMo:- Need moi help?

Put your favorite photo on the left side! Tada!! The finished Pawprints Frame!!!