Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Weekend!

- A visit to Botanic garden on Vesak Day! Many new pawfriends joined us too!

:- This is the first official outing with DoMo pawrents, so they wanted mi to blog this! ヾ(^∇^)

:- We tested Fluffy's walking ability and it seems like she cannot walk too long . . . need us to carry her after a while! Needs more training!!

This is also a mini celebration for BaoBao which turns 7 and Zoe *8* on 28th and 1st June!
A short video of the gathering!

- Three of us got bathed and Dad was complaining blowing dry the 2 long-haired . . .

:- I reelly reeeeelly hate the blower!! (´・ω・`)

DoDo:- Smooth-coat ftw!

:- After the tedious blow dry session, crazy Pa & Ma bring out something to tease us, A "flying bird" in the house!! Fearless O-Ne chan almost destoryed the "bird"!!!

:- I would have ripped it apart . . . . \(><@)/

- Pawrents wanted to bring us to the new Woodlands waterfront with Cobi & pawrents but the place was packed! We end up going to the Yishun dam for the evening walk!

Cobi's groomer gave him a puppy cut look but Auntie A does not seems to be very please with it . . . we think he looks kinda cute though!! <3 span="span">

Fluffy:- If you are free, hop over his blogspot at and tell him that! ヽ(^▽^*)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Videofest II

Dad:- Now that the ranks in the house has reset due to Fluffy, battle of the "top dog" has begun!

Round 1 - DoDo vs MoMo

Round 2 - MoMo vs Fluffy

Round 3 - DoDo vs MoMo/Fluffy

DoDo:- Haik! I'm still the undisputed champion in da house!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jackerteers Invasion II

It's over a year since our Jacks pawfriends visited us! This time round, the hoomans are having a mini gathering and it's time for us to run wild in the house again! w00t!!

They bought along curries, french loafs, dog treats & Mum cooked some rice too! Oh my dog!! We smell durian puffs!!!

MoMo:- I'll be the friendly mascot this time round cos O-ne chan is being very hostile today! ヾ(^∇^)
DoDo:- Pffft!! I'm trying to protect you 2 rascals ass!

Feeding frenzy!

Fluffy:- I'm so kawaii! *cute* Don't ya think?\(`〇´ )お!( `□´)/は!└( `・´ )┘つ

The boys are fighting over Fluffy?
Zai:- She is mine! (`ω´*)
Rain:- NoOo! MINE!!
Fluffly:- I luv ya both!!! (>ω< ;)ノ♥

DoDo:- Very manja ZhuZhu sitting on Mum's lap . . . I'm jealous! ( メ`ω´)/
ZhuZhu:- Bleh!

Ginger:- This squeaky Crab catches my attention too! *other then sqeaky balls*

Shine:- Still feeling lethargic after unknown viral infection . . . (´~`)

DoMo:- Most of the pictures are taken by auntie Joy and edited by Dad! Tank cute auntie Joy! m(_._)m

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creamy Fluffy

Fluffy - a mild tempered, submissive cream female dachshund.... unfortunately has some family issues. Let's not harp about the past and let her self intro .... (^-^;)>

1) I pee/poo everywhere whenever hoomans are out of my sight. Sometimes I even step on them and make a mess!!
2) I bark! I baRK!! I BARK!!!
3) I will wake up the hoomans at 5am SHARP every morning! I bark! I baRK!! I BARK!!!
4) I am a phantom shitter like DoDo! I don't do my business when hoomans are watching!!!

5) I am cross-eyed since birth.
6) I'm so skinny becos I'm a super fussy eater!

DoDo:- Look up!
Fluffy:- Look straight!!
MoMo:- No la look down!!!

Fluffy:- I bark! I baRK!! I BA ... DoMo:- SHUT UP!

Dad&Mum:- This is only a temporary home for Fluffy, she will be spayed and re-home.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Barkday Pawties Saturday!

One.. two... three.. four?...FIVE! pawfriends celebrated their barkday on 1st May which is also a public holiday in Singapore. *Labor Day*

Cobi, Dasha, BaoBao & Ody! Although they don't share the same bark date, they celebrated together at Tanjong beach.

*Picture by Ronald*

MoMo:- No one gib moi presents . . . ><; Gotta dig...dig....dig my present *bone* out!

*Picture by Yu Ming*

DoDo:- After TJB, we went Katong Dogrun to attend Bubble's pawty! She turns 2 today!!

The usual Jackerteers gang are here too!


MoMo:- The barkday girl trying to steal my food! Hiak!! Not gonna happen!!! *Slurp*
Bubble:- GrrrRRrr!

The happy family portrait!

New friends: Bella & Oscar!