Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Minor Infection

Daddy found a greenish/reddish patch on my ankle on Sunday night and call Mummy to bring me to the vet the next day. This is something he had never seen before.

I was licking/nipping/biting on the infected area whole night as it was really itchy. Daddy had forgotten to put on the e-collar on me. It became an open wound the next day and they rush me to vet.

Dr. Tong diagnose it as insect bite and gave them antiseptic cream and antibiotic. He also prescribe some "clinosrub" to cleanse my wound 2 times daily.

DoDo:- This is me today feeling much better. The wound has already dried up too. ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

DoDo:- I hate being "mini-satellite" again . . . (´∩`。)

MoMo:- The worst is me la! I have to be placed inside the playpen after they apply the medicine on ONe-chan plus under quarantine because they are afraid it is contagious! ( メ`ω´)

Mum:- Insect bite how can be contagious? Crazy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bark In The Park!


An event organized by "Beneful"! Activities on that day include dog tips, tricks and demonstrations, Live Acoustic Music and Massages for your dog! The aim is raising funds for local dog shelters.

DoMo, BJ&Cookie:- What bark in the park? More like "Food in the park"!! (∇⌒)

DoDo:- Really got live acoustics music orh! Faster donate $$$ help my fellow doggie friends!! (/^^)/

MoMo:- Fastest eater contest. That cream Lab/GR? was the winner! They should have let moi took part. Silly pawrents . . . I'll beat them all at least 5 secs faster!!! (`ω´*)

ChowChow:- Hur! Got paparazzi!!

DoDo:- Aunite A was volunteering at the booths, she has a big heart doesn't she? I'll make the two "pota.." err I mean pawrents to do the same next time!

Bailey:- Look how much I have grown since the Feb SKC show? I'm also more dog friendly and confident now!

Dad:- The event venue, small but neat! Nice weather too! Although it started to drizzle at around 12PM when we were leaving.

New friend "Happy" *I think? Sorry forgot his/her name* m(_._)m

Mum:- Billiejean wanting more treats!

Dad:- I didn't realize Cookie has such a sweet face until today! \(^^\)

Mo:- We had a very "peaceful" weekend becos Daddy totally lost his voice! They had to cancel MoMo OB lesson as well!! (^-^ ♥)
Dad:- Very happy la? ( メ`ω´)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

DoMo First Visit To "Palawan Beach"

Palawan Beach

DoDo:- Wow! Pawrents are taking us to Philippines Palawan Beach!?! Holy Molly!!!
MoMo:- Honto? Honto?!? *Really?* (≧▽≦)

Dad:- Ya you two "dan gu gu" la *in your dreams*. It's Singapore "Sentosa Palawan Beach" the one just beside your usual Tanjong Beach . . .

DoMo:- Bloody potatoes . . . Σ(´゚ω゚` )

Mum:- One more "potatoes" from your mouths, I'll make "mash potatoes" out of you two!! Daddy is down with flu, fever and sore throat and still wake up early for your swim!

Palawan beach is more "commercialized" than Tanjong beach. They have better toilet facilities, food resturants/food courts, beach bars and even playgrounds for children!

Dad:- We decided to settle down at one of the beach bar "Bora Bora" We were joined by John and Dana but Diana couldn't come last minute. ( ̄▽ ̄)

The usual water sports and more families with their children. Pretty lucky today, the beach isn't packed as we expected.

Dad:- Mai tu liao! Charge!!! Oei oei!! Run faster than me!!!

DoDo:- I'll go wherever you go Daddy!
MoMo:- Wait for meEeEeeEE!!
BonBon:- Huh? Must go in water one? Siao? *Crazy*

MoMo:- Where Daddy? Sharks got him!?!?!? OMD!!!
DoDo:- Mummy?? Help~ UsSss . . . ! ! !

MoMo:- Going home already? I still wanna surf the waves!!! (´∩`。)
Mum:- Cos we have to go K9 Kulture for your costume testing . . .

BoraBora is a dog friendly beach bar near the bridge area. Nice staffs, nice food and drinks! Will definitely revisit this place again.

K9 Kulture

DoDo:- Huh? I have to dressed up like a man? I'm a girl you know? (_ _||)

MoMo:- I don't care wear simi la! Just give me that french fries on the table!

DoDo:- Today we met a few new doggie friends! We have read about them in local forums but this is the first time we meet them in real life! Sorry very few photos due to Daddy lousy photography skills.

Milo:- Arlow!

Faith:- Can you please get that "BoBo" or whatever away my arse?

Jane:- Despite my old age and blurry vision, I'm still going strong and loving life everyday!

Rio:- I'm the talkative one at K9!

BonBon:- Where Faith? Sniff . . . Faithh ahh! Faithh . . . (>.< ♥)
MoMo:- Wah? Don't want me liao? MAN!!!

Dad&Mum will "try" to bring us back to Tanjong Beach every Saturday morning! *Unless they are lazy! Dad:- Or when you call us "Potatoes" again ψ(`∇´)ψ* Do join us there if you want and remember to say hello if you see us!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


The two "potatoes" have lots of pre-planned events for us! Woohoo!!

Dad&Mum:- What potatoes?!? *Ah bish* ( メ`ω´)


Before going to the Clubpets Carnival at D'Kranji Farm Resort, the Hoomans met up for lunch at Happy Daze Cafe. It's a dog friendly cafe and they served dog food too! However we can only sit outside. Fine with us anyway!

Special guest TangTang and Auntie S joined us as well! Daddy couldn't miss the chance and snapped lots of photos of her.

TangTang:- Arlow! (^^♥)

DoDo:- Today we know the real meaning of the name TangTang. She has a sibling call ManMan! So togather they are "ManTang"!! (滿滿&堂堂), 金玉滿堂 or 子孫滿堂?

TangTang: Mummy say both also want!!!

Surprise, Surprise! They bought a cake for Mum!!
MoMo :- Cakie!!! ヾ(^▽^ )ノ
Mum:- Mehhhhh you cannot have it! It's for the Hoomans!!
DoDo :- Duh!!! (-。ー;)>

After lunch, we headed for the farm resort. This is a local villa targeting an alternative holidays for Singaporeans. Usually dogs are out of bound but today dogs are allowed for the special event!

The Saturadays events are planned by MoMo's APW trainer Jaz and to support her, we are going to take part in the costume event!! Our themes are "Animals" & "Insects"

DoDo:- I'm a bee!
MoMo:- Lady bug!!

TangTang: Ima monkey! (Dad:-Bloody cute ears! Wahahahaha!!)

Dumrolls . . . and the winner "Sweetie the Giraffe"!!!
Sweetie:- Ma! . . . You say I got long neck is it? ψ(`∇´)ψ

As advise by the vet, long walks on hard flooring is not good for MoMo. (She is born with Pes Varus grade 2). He advised pawrents to let us do more swimming instead. W00t! Now we get to swim every weekends!

This week we joined the Jackerteers for a mini gathering plus pot luck at Tanjong Beach. Shine couldn't come due to a cut infection. Poor girl! We wish her a speedy recovery!

MoMo:- Argh! Sharks!! (aka I hate swimming) (´・ω・`)
DoDo:- Where got sharks!? Kokz you!! I go swimming le!!!

Dad:- I'm very proud of you today Mo chan! You swam out of the waves for the first time!
MoMo:- Becos I had to get to that surf board you holding in your hands!!
DoDo:- Daddy also swim across to the small isle with us for the first time! ( ̄▽ ̄)

DoDo:- Pro swimmer Ginger! She can swim for hours non-stop!!

Ginger:- Swimming? Too easy liao! I'm getting my diving license soon and Mummy is training me to play catch on my surf board! Heheheheh!!
DoDo:- This is also the first time we met ZhuZhu little brother:- "ZaiZai"!

Rain: Pa & Ma had to stay at home with Shine so I came with Bubbles pawrents! I'm still bery scare of the water la! I don't like to swimmMmmMmM!!!
Bubbles:- Oei they are saying only the male dogs dunno how to swim. Mai xia sway leh!! *Embarrassing* At least stand properly on the surf board!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy!

DoDo:- Happy Hatchday Mum! I lup you deep deep! (^ω^♥)
MoMo:- Cakie? Cakie??! I want Cakie! No Cakie?!?! I lup you 1/2!! (・ω・ ♥)
Dad:- Happy Birthday Hon! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ