Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SKC Dog Show - May 2009

DoDo:- This is the second time Dad manage to "convince" grandpawrents to go SKC dog show with us! w00t!! They seems to enjoy themselves and were in love with a mini poodle at the agility ring!!! *me jealous . . .* (_ _||)

Dad&Mum are getting very lazy lately *insufficient sleep due to addiction of a Facebook game call "Restaurant City"* Thus we only have few photos worth keeping at the show . . .

Dad&Mum:- Complain us ah? NO TREATS FOR YA!! 怒ε=( メ`ω´)

DoDo:- Hoomans having lunch outside the show ring. We can only sit on the floor . . . Daddy say it is unethical to put us on the chairs meant for hoomans . . . *why others can we cannot? duh* ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

Cayenne:- ROAR! I'm a tiny lioness!
Mum:- Cho Kawaii!~!!~!!! (・ω・ ♥)
DoMo:- . . . .

MoMo:- Mum did manage to grab a few pinku Ts for moi!

MoMo:- As usual I have to be their model . . . No treats no pose!! ('ω´*)

MoMo:- On sale rope/soft toys! All from PetsMoMo *same name as moi* (≧▽≦)


Chow Chow said...

Oh my parents are addicted to Restaurant City too!

Ruby and Penny said...

Going to a dog show sounds like lots of fun, even if you don't get to sit on chairs. Mom caught Penny on the kitchen table yesterday. She says thats unethical and unsanitary.
Love Ruby & Penny

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi girls,
My mom has heard A LOT abt this game but decided not to get started in case she got addicted to it too!!

Those toys and clothes are very nice!! So did you meet lots of friends there?

Twix said...

Hi, nice to meet both of you. Looks like you had lots of fun at the show! My Mom says you are beauties! ~Twix