Tuesday, September 8, 2009



:- After the morning swim at Tanjong beach, we went to Green Room Cafe with BonBon & Cobi pawrents. The hoomans had another feast on vegetarian food.

Since they don't serve doggie food, I had fun hopping around tables and chairs!

MoMo:- I passed out on their laps after the swim . . .

:- Looking cool as always!

Video of the hoomans chit chatting.

After which they left us at BonBon's place and they went to the hospital to visit my new cousin baby Jandi! Aint she cute? *MoMo:- Like moi!*

Sunday - FCI Dog Show

Pawrents woke up late and we miss out the best dress competition. We hate it anyway . . . pffft . . . Anyhoo, we met up with some old friends and new ones as usual.

We visited the Therapy Dogs, Singapore booth too! Hopefully we will join their big family soon!

A short video of the FCI puppy show


billiejean said...

Oh, you all went to Serangoon CC dog show? Crowded or not? We also love green room..

chloejessica said...

Looks like fun! DoDo & MoMo are so cute! :)

Frankie said...

Oh! The baby is darling! Glad you guys had a fun time. What did you think of the baby? Did you get a peek up close at it?

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Dodo & Momo
You guys look really happy to be out with your parents.
Baby Jandi is a sweetheart.
Love Ruby & Penny

Twix said...

Looks like you had a great time! Too bad the Cafe doesn't serve dog food...you could steal some human food! Please stop by I have an award for you!

Nicholas said...

Nice to see you guys there :) A smooth coated dachshund won best in show! haha

Matilda said...

Hi Dodo chan and Momo chan!
Doggies can enter the cafe? That is nice!
Oh Jandi is so adorable!
kiss kiss

Anonymous said...

Hi Momo & DoDo!

What a great family outing! Looks like you had a lot of fun outside in the nice weather! (Your new cousin is cute, too!)