Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hoomans & Their Excuses . . .

1) We are busy with work!
2) Not enough time!
3) Not enough money!

DoDo & MoMo:-
1) BUT . . . they have time to go fishing trips (twice!) and Bali! (MoMo:- They say I look like little Barong from Bali!!)
Hogging the computer playing Aion everyday plus pimp up their ride and buy soulless Blythe dolls plus fishing gears . . .
2) Read No.1 ('ω´*)
3) Read No.1 怒ε=( メ`ω´)/
We apologise for the lack of updates on our blog and thank all for their concern on us. \(^^\) (/^^)/

Rest assured we are not being abused. We still get our daily meals and they board us with grandpawrents when not around. (⌒∇⌒)

MoMo:- So is this gonna be a helluva long updates?
DoDo:- I guess not!! Just gonna compile the whole list of events we were involved for the past month.

i) We still go for swim at Tanjong Beach on alternate Saturaday.

ii) Attended a mini gathering for Halloween!
iii) We also went to the SKC Dog Show on the first week of November. (MoMo:- Hurhur! I got a new collar!)
iv) Attended Butter's hatchday pawty last weekend at K9 Kulture! Yummy food for both hoomans and us!

Butter:- I hump! I hump!! I hump!!! Tank you for coming to my pawty!ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

v) We are on Mum's handbag now too! Thanks to Auntie M (& April)!! You can visit their pawsome blogspot at

Here is a picture of the handbag!

DoDo & MoMo:- So my friends, enjoy the video! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ


billiejean said...

Hi MoMo... Long time no see you and DoDo liao... Looks like your fur has grown fuller. You have grown up liao!

Huskee and Hershey said...

That handbag is so cool and lovely! Our mom wanted to get one of me and Hershey's mugshots too, but she said it was very expensive!!

Hmmm the 'excuses' made by your mom and dad sounds very familiar to us too... I think our parents also use the same old excuse.. borrrring..

Sonic said...

Oh no!

My Momma told me that my Pops used to be addicted to a game called WOW or something. Good thing he doesn't play it anymore so I can still blog.

Hope your humans get bored of Aion soon!


Johnathan Oh said...

seems like eons since u last updated your blog.

Lorenza said...

Hi, MoMo and DoDo!
Glad to know you are ok!
I can see you have been busy!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

PS Your mom's bag is pawesome!