Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Satellite No. 2 - DoDo

Seems like it not a good start of the new year! After MoMo's adventure. Now its DoDo's turn.... Sign...

DoDo: I dont like my satellite!!

Me: Sorry DoDo, this is to prevent you from licking your medicine.

MoMo: eh? I'm ok with it. New things to lick~

It all started with a bump on DoDo's right pawpad. It's been there for over 1 week now, we thought its the usual. She had one on her ear sometime ago which reduced after an injection from Dr Tong.

Today I decided to bring her to Dr Tong again after her nail cutting. Dr Tong said its a growth, don't think its cancerous and gave me 2 options; 1) injection to reduce it which will take up to 2 months or 2) GA her so he can cut it off. I choose injection, I think GA is not a good idea for now. Dr Tong said he is 95% sure its not cancerous as DoDo is still young and normally they don't grow on paw.
My fingers are crossed.. hope its nothing serious o(><")o Well now we have dual Satellites at home.. Maybe we will get better reception for our TV?

By the way, this is MoMo's latest photo of her wound. It still look bit raw but at least the hole is gone.


Lorenza said...

First MoMo... now DoDo!
I hope the paw does not hurt much!
Paws crossed for you two!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Matilda said...

Oh no,Momo and Dodo!
I am crossing my paws for you two.
Take care!

Nikki said...

I nearly went to vet too as there was some rashes. Lucky it went away after grooming. Godpa says I need to go annual check up soon, argh!

Get well soon, maybe the satellites can be like sunshades :)

Ruby and Penny said...

Oh no. Hope you guys are all healed up now.
Love Ruby & Penny