Monday, October 6, 2008

Basic Obedience Training - Lesson 10

Last Saturday was my final obedience lesson and there is a test for on/off-leash heeling, sit-stay and down-stay. I did well on the heeling and sit-stay tests..... but I failed on the down-stay exercise. I was feeling very sticky that day so I insisted running towards Mummy every time and breaking down-stay. Although I score well for other tests, but still an immediate failure for down-stay. (´∩`。)

Daddy & Mummy looks pretty sad on our way home although Patrick my trainer told them I was already doing pretty good and would welcome me to join his intermediate lessons. However Mummy already very tired training me for the basic course. Doubt she will bring me for the intermediate lessons. Well on the other hand, on the bright side, no more training collar on my neck!
( ̄▽ ̄)

P.S. from Dad & Mum
We will miss all the doggies/dog owners we met during the 2 months course, esp Nikki, London and Creamy.

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