Monday, October 13, 2008

I Have a Sister!

Daddy & Mummy were behaving weird for the past 2 days . . . .

I overheard them talking about a new sister / companion for me? ┐(-。ー;)┌ My doggie sense tells me something new is going to happen in my life.

They left me alone in the house in the morning, I waited and waited . . . . suddenly a giant "gecko" came running into the house!!! No wait . . . "sniff" "sniff" she smells like a dachshund!

Yippee~ I have a sister now! I heard them calling her "Momo"

Momo:- Araraaa . . . where ya 2 taking moi to?

Momo:- Ororooo . . . this "fake tiger" looks like food!

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Luckie Girl said...

Hi Dodo,
Looks like I have the same fate as you since I also just found my little sister recently. :)
Pop by my blog if you have time !