Friday, November 14, 2008

Night "Sofari" With Momo . . .

I was feeling bored the other night and Mummy is out "gaigai" with her girlfriends. Daddy as usual, glued to his computer.

Since Momo has been pretty "guai" recently, I am thinking of "chio-ing" her to go "Sofari" tonight with me.

Momo:- Huh? "Sofari"?!?!? The floor is cooling and I want to sleep liao wor. ヽ(´〜`;)
Dodo:- Kia la kia la! Will be fun!

Momo:- Wah! Very high wor!! Daddy & Mummy will scold de!
Dodo:- OK de la! Steady!

Momo:- Lemme see how it taste! Lick~ Bite~!
Dodo:- Nyak Nyak

Momo:- Hmm the pillow top, eh what is behind the sofa? What is hidding below?
Dodo:- Arghh!. . . . . . Daddy is coming!! SIAM!!!

Daddy:- Whats that rustle?
Momo:- ZzzzzzZZzzzzzz
Dodo:- Daddy . . I swear I saw a gecko on your tea table . . . ( ゚Д゚≡゚Д゚ )

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