Monday, June 15, 2009

Bark In The Park!


An event organized by "Beneful"! Activities on that day include dog tips, tricks and demonstrations, Live Acoustic Music and Massages for your dog! The aim is raising funds for local dog shelters.

DoMo, BJ&Cookie:- What bark in the park? More like "Food in the park"!! (∇⌒)

DoDo:- Really got live acoustics music orh! Faster donate $$$ help my fellow doggie friends!! (/^^)/

MoMo:- Fastest eater contest. That cream Lab/GR? was the winner! They should have let moi took part. Silly pawrents . . . I'll beat them all at least 5 secs faster!!! (`ω´*)

ChowChow:- Hur! Got paparazzi!!

DoDo:- Aunite A was volunteering at the booths, she has a big heart doesn't she? I'll make the two "pota.." err I mean pawrents to do the same next time!

Bailey:- Look how much I have grown since the Feb SKC show? I'm also more dog friendly and confident now!

Dad:- The event venue, small but neat! Nice weather too! Although it started to drizzle at around 12PM when we were leaving.

New friend "Happy" *I think? Sorry forgot his/her name* m(_._)m

Mum:- Billiejean wanting more treats!

Dad:- I didn't realize Cookie has such a sweet face until today! \(^^\)

Mo:- We had a very "peaceful" weekend becos Daddy totally lost his voice! They had to cancel MoMo OB lesson as well!! (^-^ ♥)
Dad:- Very happy la? ( メ`ω´)


billiejean said...

Hi, we seldom go to the city.. now that we have so much fun at fort canning park, may be we will go city more often in the future.

Billie Jean

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi DoMo
Wow!! What a great turnout of dogs. Hope you guys raised lots of money.
Love Ruby & Penny

Chow Chow said...

Ooh you got a pictures of me and my parents! It was nice meeting you guys on Sunday! Sorry I was just too excited to see so many doggies around, I didn't give you a proper Chow Chow sniff on the butts!

Hope your daddy's voice come back soon!

oolong cha said...

You girls must have such fun! Mummy always work on weekend so I can't join you :(