Saturday, June 13, 2009

DoMo First Visit To "Palawan Beach"

Palawan Beach

DoDo:- Wow! Pawrents are taking us to Philippines Palawan Beach!?! Holy Molly!!!
MoMo:- Honto? Honto?!? *Really?* (≧▽≦)

Dad:- Ya you two "dan gu gu" la *in your dreams*. It's Singapore "Sentosa Palawan Beach" the one just beside your usual Tanjong Beach . . .

DoMo:- Bloody potatoes . . . Σ(´゚ω゚` )

Mum:- One more "potatoes" from your mouths, I'll make "mash potatoes" out of you two!! Daddy is down with flu, fever and sore throat and still wake up early for your swim!

Palawan beach is more "commercialized" than Tanjong beach. They have better toilet facilities, food resturants/food courts, beach bars and even playgrounds for children!

Dad:- We decided to settle down at one of the beach bar "Bora Bora" We were joined by John and Dana but Diana couldn't come last minute. ( ̄▽ ̄)

The usual water sports and more families with their children. Pretty lucky today, the beach isn't packed as we expected.

Dad:- Mai tu liao! Charge!!! Oei oei!! Run faster than me!!!

DoDo:- I'll go wherever you go Daddy!
MoMo:- Wait for meEeEeeEE!!
BonBon:- Huh? Must go in water one? Siao? *Crazy*

MoMo:- Where Daddy? Sharks got him!?!?!? OMD!!!
DoDo:- Mummy?? Help~ UsSss . . . ! ! !

MoMo:- Going home already? I still wanna surf the waves!!! (´∩`。)
Mum:- Cos we have to go K9 Kulture for your costume testing . . .

BoraBora is a dog friendly beach bar near the bridge area. Nice staffs, nice food and drinks! Will definitely revisit this place again.

K9 Kulture

DoDo:- Huh? I have to dressed up like a man? I'm a girl you know? (_ _||)

MoMo:- I don't care wear simi la! Just give me that french fries on the table!

DoDo:- Today we met a few new doggie friends! We have read about them in local forums but this is the first time we meet them in real life! Sorry very few photos due to Daddy lousy photography skills.

Milo:- Arlow!

Faith:- Can you please get that "BoBo" or whatever away my arse?

Jane:- Despite my old age and blurry vision, I'm still going strong and loving life everyday!

Rio:- I'm the talkative one at K9!

BonBon:- Where Faith? Sniff . . . Faithh ahh! Faithh . . . (>.< ♥)
MoMo:- Wah? Don't want me liao? MAN!!!

Dad&Mum will "try" to bring us back to Tanjong Beach every Saturday morning! *Unless they are lazy! Dad:- Or when you call us "Potatoes" again ψ(`∇´)ψ* Do join us there if you want and remember to say hello if you see us!


billiejean said...

were you off leashed at Palawan Beach? so good? no beach patrol come disturb you? We have to be on 5 m long leash when we went to Palawan beach and Coastes. Will try to visit Tanjong Beach on Saturday instead of Sunday to play with you gals!

D0gl0v3r said...

Not a sign of any patrol whatsoever. :) Probably lucky.

Best of both, swim at Tanjong beach then go Palawan for lunch! :)

Twix said...

It looks like you gals had a great time surfin. I know I would never do that cuz I don't like the water but I'm glad you like it. ~Twix

oolong cha said...

You girls are so good swimmers! I hate swimming and I don't like the beach :/ But I can meet you guys somewhere else :D

Nick said...

WAh i haven't gone sentosa for awhile now also =p These few days quite hot like good for swimming haha

Milo and Pa said...

It was really nice meeting do and mo..... and of cos bon bon..... Mo is really really sweeeetttttt....and Bon is like what you guys said... horny like daddy!! hahahaha!!! Thanks for the great shot!!!

Ebi n' Emma said...

Hmmm, after the re-visit to Palawan Beach on Saturday.. i find that i prefers there more leh. Though more crowded than Tanjong, but i like the facilities there better. Cleaner & better toilets too. LOL~ And with 7-11 nearby & the few beach bars around for lunch.. shiok! Also, many coconut trees to provide shelter, we just 'parked' our portable table there & the open shower area is just next to us - good!

It's usually pretty clean. Was swayed to be visited by the many many leaves & seaweeds on Sat. Arghhhh!

Nevertheless, it was nice seeing you guys there! BonBon is cute too!

D0gl0v3r said...

I must say the water was kinda bad for swimming. Muddy sea bed, weird smell/taste *Usually not like this? hmmm* plus a lot of more of our Muslims friends/families there. :)

For pure swimming for DoMo I think we'll stick to Tanjong Beach, if family outings + recreational we will go Palawan or Siloso! :D

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Domo
You 2 always have such great advenutures. We would love to be able to surf and swim like you. It's to cold here and the water never warms up enough.
Love Ruby & Penny
Pees - What are the costumes for?

D0gl0v3r said...

It's a wedding bridal show event with dogs as models.