Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Romance Bridal Fair!

We are honored to be invited to do a "dogwalk" at the bridal fair! Our sponsor is Doggie Wardrobe which provided the costumes for the event. We were even featured at Diva Asia! w00t!!

DoDo:- Mummy is very excited as this is her first "catwalk" show. However Daddy is not really into dogs wearing anything, he still thinks we look best "naked" in our natural coat. But then he is excited about bringing us into Suntec convention hall as this is a rare opportunity that they will allow non working canine into the building.

MoMo:- See those treats in Mum's hand? Let's get her to give us every one of them! Hurhur!!
DoDo:- Why must I dressed like a boy? ( メ`ω´)

Cobi:- My beautiful bride orh!
Princess:- Me is "chia char bor!" (`ω´*) *Roof!*

Quibi:- Belly tired! Lemme lie on you hon . . .
PhiPhi:- My trademark™ :þ sticking out! (^^)>

Westie PowerrrRrrr~

Calm and well behaved sheltie pair!

MoMo:- Mum! I don't wanna walk anymore . . . can I stay inside the bag with Sweetie?
Sweetie:- Hiak! Hiak!!

DoDo:- The hoomans seems to be enjoying themselves but poor us canine had to change 4 sets of costumes to "dogwalk" on the red carpet.
Mum:- But ya all get treats plus we get to keep all the costumes too!! (^o^;♥)
DoMo&Dad:- Vain!


billiejean said...

Ha Ha Ha.. you all look so funny!

Ebi n' Emma said...


Very niceeeeeeeeeee!! =))

Twix said...

Way cool! How did you get invited to do that? You look very beautiful in your outfits!
Love and hugs,