Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ops! Dad did it again . . .

DoDo:- While trying to "help" me change the theme of the blog, Dad screwed up and lost all my pawfriends blog lists AGAIN!!!

MoMo:- Hoomans! Can't even do a simple thing . . . (Dad:- Stare!)

Dad:- Gomenasai . . . I'm sorry . . . m(_._)m (Mum:- Too much Aion effect!)

Please leave a comment in the blog or shoutbox so I can link ya all back.


billiejean said...

Wah.. Do Mo.. you are into Christmas too! Your new blog background is pretty pretty liao...I like it very much! How are you celebrating X'mas this year?

Lorenza said...

Those things happen!
And it looks pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

Sonic said...

Oh no!

All this computer stuff bothers me too. Like why can't they make a keyboard that's easier for dogs to use? And that mouse??? MOUSE??? As if only cats use computers...


Twix said...

Snow? You two don't like snow do you? Maybe you should ban your dad from making changes to your blog...?? At least he didn't lose the whole thing, right?

Cobi said...

Woohoo....nice background.

My blur mummy also did the same thing as your daddy when she change the blog skin(shaking head)


Frankie said...

Well, your blog does look very festive! :)

DoDo and MoMo said...

That's becos we don't get snow here in Singapore.

We know pawrents(Daddy especially) is hoping to play with snow someday . . . ^^;

Matilda said...

Dodo chan and Momo chan!
Oh no, but come and play with me again! Hugs

oolong cha said...

Nika is back!!