Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Aftermath II

MoMo got her first heat yesterday! Came rather unexpected but Dad was telling Mum Ah Mo chan nipples were swollen and we should get ready but Mum just diss him off . . .

DoDo:- Now because of this, we cannot go to Tanjong Beach next week to meet our doggie friends! . . . GrrrrRRrrr
MoMo:- "Mahjong" Beach water so salty! I no like!! (シ_ _)シ

Usually bitches in heat will appear more lethargic but MoMo is still very active and playing with Dad . . .

Today Mum went for breakfast and then buy some groceries. She left us "guarding" the house, when she came back, this is what she saw . . .
DoDo:- I was hiding under the sofa when she did it! I swear I didn't join in Ma!! (_ _||)

MoMo:- Hur! Hur!! Hur!!! Dad showed me how to go inside the cushion one!

Dad:- OEI!!!

Mum:- "New" bed gone . . . and the old one just send for washing . . . still wet . . .

Dad:- Phew! Thank you Phingo from Pet Fuze for delivering the new bed to us the same day! m(_._)m

DoMo:- ZzzzZZzzzz on the new bed . . . ( ̄▽ ̄)


Ruby said...

Boy you made a big mess Momo.
Nice that you got a new bed so soon.
Love Ruby

Chow Chow said...

That was your trick to get a new bed right?