Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yo! Yo!! MoMo In Da House! Yeah . . . Yeah . . .

Dad:- Hmm! What is that "Hip Hop" thingy for?

:- Moi 0wnzed teh h0us3 t0da3 d00dz! DoDo is at AAVC for her spaying operation! Can't you peeps let me have some fun? ( ´ ▽ `; )>

Mum:- . . . Smack you then you know! We already let you blog . . . ?

MoMo:- orz . . . horkay lor! Todae the c0llars Dad&Mum ordered from Doggies Affairs finally arrived! Although it's still kinda big for moi but it's ok! Moi still looky nice in it!!

Dad&Mum:- Stop your weird slang! GrrrrrRrrr!! (`ω´*)

MoMo:- Here is a photo of the two collars with our names on it! Wowie!!

MoMo:- DoDo came back around late evening looking weak and lethargic, we decided not to disturb her and let her rest well, will update more on her operation some other day! ヾ(´・ω・`)


Chow Chow said...

Very glamourous-looking collars you have there! I'll make sure I say hi when I see you guys in those bling-bling collars!

Ruby said...

Hi Momo
Those are such nice collars. You look very good in it.
I hope Dodo is not in too much pain.
Love Ruby