Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dehydrator For Dog Treats!

Dad&Mum has been talking about dehydrating treats for us since "last year" . . . *OK I mean end of 2008* ( ̄▽ ̄)

Coincidentally Dad won a voucher from "CK Tangs" at the Christmas party of his company. CK Tangs happens to carry this item at their electrical department. w00t!

Dad:- Damn! This thing looks like an "UFO"! Anyway for a start we have decided to make some dehydrated cow lungs for the kids!

Mum:- I'm the one that has to prepare these "smelly" cow lungs into thin slices. (´∩`。)

Momo:- Yum! "Cow Dungs"?

Dad:- They are absolutely crazy over the treats! They even "refuse" to sit/stay properly when we held these in our hands!!
DoMo:- They are simply too delicious!!! (∇⌒)


Ruby said...

Hi Momo & Dodo
Those treats look really yummy.
Maybe if you guys moved over a little bit & could fit right in & join you.
Love Ruby

Texas the Dachshund said...

Oooooo I want mommy to buy us one of those!! YummmmM!!!
Me and Bubs wanna come live with you guys too!

Texas and Bubbles