Monday, March 16, 2009

SGNorth Gathering - Club4Paws!

Fun! FuN!! FUN!! Sunday at Club4Paws! This is the 3rd SGNorth gathering and I'm must say both hoomans and furkids had loads of fun that day!! They have a cafe (My Dog Ate It), grooming services, boarding of dogs, agility equipments and even obedience training at this place.

The hoomans booked the swimming pool for 4 hours (A big thank you to Uncle Victor and Auntie Adeline for organizing this) but it seems to me not many of them(dogs) are swimmers! Sheesh! What a waste!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

"Best In Pool" *BIP* ofcos is yours truly:- ME! *Dad:- bleh not quite! You still don't dare to jump into the pool!*

A short video of DoMo swimming:-

Runner up:- Ody and
MiuMiu! Look at that straighten tail!!

MoMo and Zaedy very close at 3rd positions!!!

Honorable mention:-
Cobi although being "rescued" a few times by Auntie A, managed to paddle for a while in the water! Zoe is more of a "bikini beach lady" which cannot perform in the pool but a champion at Tanjong beach . . . (゚▽ ゚ )

ultimately the "BIP" award goes to *drum rolls* WANGWANG!!! Fearless Pekingese that jumped into the pool and did a full lap! *Although after that he refuse to go into water again* Pawrents are all amazed by his courage to jump in the pool cos the rest of us are being "tossed" or "position" inside the pool in order to start the swim . . . ( ̄ー ̄)

Anyway, there are some new doggie friends that joined us for the first time in
SGNorth gathering! (Sorry if we got the names wrong, kindly drop a message in the shoutbox or comment column!) Also we don't have clear shots on the cocker spaniel named "Jewel", will make it up next time we meet ok?:- ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

the light grey MS and Bailey the cocker spaniel!

Trixie the JRT and Oscar the only white MS that day!

:- Billiejean&Cookie!

The hoomans had their fair share of fun too! Watching them running to & fro and answering doggie related questions is hilarious plus they didn't know we are actually teasing and laughing at them behind!!!

The group photo!


Ruby and Penny said...

You guys are such good swimmers. Mom says she is going to teach us to swim this summer. Did your mom just let you go in the water?
Club4Paws looks like a really fun place.
Love Ruby & Penny

D0gl0v3r said...

Hold them close to your body, slowly dip them into the water while stroking them, let them get the 4 legs kicking in the water before releasing them. :) The first experience of the water must be a positive one!

billiejean said...

Hi Do Do and Mo Mo,
You gals have loads of fun on Sunday! First time meeting you, you both are really mini-mini.. Hope that we meet again at Tanjong Beach in the near future..

Billie Jean

Huskee and Hershey said...

Wow.. you are such good swimmers!! No wonder you had so much fun... bet you are pooped out after all the activities!

totobingoace said...

looks like a fun event..... looking forward to meeting up with more doggie frenz