Sunday, March 22, 2009

MoMo Gets Visitors!

This rascal actually have pawfriends and hoomans coming to visit her after surgery! I'M SO JEALOUS!! Nobody visited me after my spaying operation in January except grandpawrents . . . ψ(`∇´)ψ

Mum:- Ah bish! It is actually a gathering for the hoomans la, don't be so sensitive!

DoDo:- Liar!

Dad:- Hoot U!! (シ_ _)シ

DoDo:- Proof!:- Auntie Tigress made steamed salmon with Chinese herbs! Just for her!! She also brought along her 3 Chihuahuas . . .

S,P & ?:- We are cats you silly! PurrrrRrrrrrRRrrr . . . (=^・ェ・^=)

Then Uncle S and Auntie P also came with Ody & Zaedy!

Ody&Zaedy:- Yoz! Whassup DoMo!!

Uncle Orangutan & Auntie Pony plus Auntie Unicorn also bring along Cobi & WangWang!!!

Cobi&Wang:- Arlow DoMo!

MoMo: O-Ne chan, I have to be inside playpen most of the time because of my surgery . . . Not really that fun if you asked me . . . (´・ω・`)

DoDo:- You get to eat first, mai complain! Rest of us get the scraps . . .

Sweetie & ???:- Wa is tis? Kannot tee!!??!? (´∩`。)

Dad:- Gotta give credits to Pamela for taking most of the photos in this gathering!


bonkers bitch said...

heez. very very noob photos.. :P

Nick said...

Haha looks like quite a party :D

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi DoMo
Looks like you had a great party.
We love salmon, we hope you got a taste.
Love Ruby & Penny

billiejean said...

Hi Do Do and Mo Mo,
Please tell your papa and mama that the Serangoon North pet hub is at block 153 and 154 Serangoon North Avenue 1. Hard to find a parking lot on Sunday.


D0gl0v3r said...

Noted! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Yoz.. dodo... cos at that point of time.. i still dont know u well... that y no salmon soup for you, maybe next round i ask mummy go cook new dishes for u.... but got to seek approval from your parents 1st...

serenitybb said...

Get well soon, Momo!

Emma's recovering well & the incision is almost 'covered up'. =)

See you soon @ the next outing! :-)

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi girls,
I had a good laugh at t he comment DODO left in my CBox.. Our family always refers to mom's legs as 'Bai Zhan Ji' cos they are soooo fair and fat!! Muahaha... (shhh don't tell mom).

Your pawty looks fun! There are sooo many cute doggies!!