Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Operation Update!

DoDo:- It's been 3 weeks after my spaying operation! I'm alive and kicking! w00t!! Eating well and sleeping well. (Mum:- Ya like a pig!)

DoDo:- Dad has taken some post operation pictures, the wound healed pretty well and the scar is almost invisible now!

MoMo:- Cos I licked it everyday! ψ(`∇´)ψ

DoDo:- Here they are! Dr. Kenneth Tong "sewing" skills is pretty good!
MoMo:- Dr. Kenneth! (^ω^♥)ノ "Ah Bu Qiu, Ahhh Buuu Qiu" It's will be my turn 2 months later!

MoMo:- Daddy is playing with the camera settings lately, trying to capture some of my "tongue" action!
Dad:- Failed miserably though! Any gurus for DSLR settings for capturing movements please help!!

DoDo:- Dad got pissed playing around the settings, in the end he go for fully auto mode for newbie! (muhahahahaaa)

Dad:- . . . . . . ( メ`ω´)


bubbly said...

instead of single shot, use multiple shots :)

Khim said...

Haha! Momo's pic on top right... whatever she's chewing , her expression captured like she's going : YUCKS! Pui Pui ...Pui ... !

Ruby and Penny said...

You two are so cute.
Dodo, we're glad your all healed up after your operation.
Love Ruby & Penny

Nick said...

Eh bring them near windows or use higher ISO and shoot wide open (widest aperature) prefebly on your prime lens :)

D0gl0v3r said...

Still blur leh, tried all your suggestions/settings and some others from Clubsnap . . .

DoMo ma say it's the "cameraman" problem not the camera settings. . . (>< ;)>

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi DoDo,
Hershey is also due for her spaying operation soon. Cna you share with me which clinic you went to? Mom hates The Animal Clinic cos service sucks and the waiting time is forever. I can't really see the scar on your belly at all.. the vet is sure skilful. (Hmm maybe we can take Hershey there)

Nikki said...

Godpa says try using the flash too. It will help freeze action. Use knowledge of the subject to predict when to press shutter.

I say might as well invest in a video camera if action is important :P

D0gl0v3r said...

Hershey, DoDo op is at AAVC Yishun, Vet is Kenneth Tong. Blk 716.

Nikki:- We have a DVD, freaking lazy to use it!!!

D0gl0v3r said...

the conversion of the files @ gives me a big headache. :(