Sunday, February 8, 2009

SGNorth Gathering - BBQ

Yesterday is the post CNY SGNorth gathering. It is also SGNorth first gathering of the year 2009! *Lunar Calendar* The Hoomans have booked 2 neighborhood BBQ pits and ordered BBQ packages from They delivered everything to our BBQ pits area! Nice!!

Hmmm . . . have they forgotten something? What about food for the DOGS?!?!?!? (´∩`。)

Luckily we have auntie Adeline *Cobi ma* that prepared the nice doggies food for us! Also organizing the ice-breaking session and they have customized a SGNorth collar tags(looks like hand phone strap) for the dogs!!

We also like to thank Pam's b/f for doing most of the BBQing! Jason, Victor & John for helping and of cos the rest of hoomans for helping to eat!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

DoDo:- 2009 first group photo! Some of the members/friends already left before the group photo! Stay longer next time ok?

MoMo:- New Yorkie friends! "Cupid"? I don't know how to spell his/her name!
DoDo:- I think she is "FiFi"!!
DoMo:- Update:- She is Philomena! (PhiPhi)

DoDo:- He/She is "Cupid"?
MoMo:- No She is "FiFi"!!
DoMo:- Update:- He is Quibibacca! (Quibi)

MoMo:- This one is "Sweetie"? Everyone is cuddling her instead of me today!! (`ω´*) She is really tiny!!! *Dad say she looks more like a kitten than a dog! Muhahahaha*

Dad:- Sandy's Yorkie. (Forgot the name! Sorry!!) (´ ▽ `;)>
DoMo:- Update:- She is TangTang!

DoMo:- We know! This is "BUFFY"!!

Mum:- "Zaedy"! Mueks!!

DoDo:- My 14 year old uncle Stein Lee. *psst . . . he doesn't know about his e-collar chewed up by MoMo* ( ゚Д゚ ≡ ゚Д゚ )
MoMo:- "Diam Diam" *Hush!* You!!!

. . . AND the most "special" guest today is Brownie, Herena latest pet rabbit!! Don't she know I eat rabbit meat? Nyak!!

By the way if you are interested in joining SGNorth future events please register at our yahoo group at The events are under the "Database" & "Polls" section! Do sign up/vote for the events early in order for the organising peeps to prepare in advance! Hope to see more new friends in our next gathering!!


Ruby said...

Hi Dodo & Momo
That BBQ looks like so much fun. I wish I could come.
Love Ruby

bonkers bitch said...

thanks DoMo ma and pa for the gathering esp the extra table and chairs that u brought from home. :)

D0gl0v3r said...

We should thank the SGNorth committee for organizing! *yourself included* We just stay nearer and glad to help. :)

Huskee and Hershey said...

WOW... looked like one fun BBQ outing!! Next time I think us dogs should organise and outing ourselves and not invite the humans so we can have some seriously yummy dog food. :)
Btw, I just gave you an award. Check my blog for details!