Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Eventful Weekend!

Tanjong Beach, Urban Pooch & Animal Resort. Pawrents are making up for the lack of socializing/exercise due to MoMo's heat, they went crazy this weekend bringing us to 3 different places over the weekends.

I overheard the hoomans conversation of an unfortunate event that happened at the beach, We just want to wish her( the poor innocent victim) a full & speedy recovery!

DoDo:- Dad has been mumbling to Mum that he is "partly" responsible, if only he had insisted on certain things at the very beginning . . . this dreadful incident might not even happen . . .

Dad:- Hontoni Gomenasai! m(_._)m

MoMo:- Huh? Lunno why ya all lup "mahjong beach" salty waters so much . . . also why Daddy say "Honda kanna sai"?!? *Honda is crap*

Mum:- DUH!! It means "Very Sorry" in Japanese! Nothing to do with "Honda"!!! (_ _|;)>

DoMo:- Why the shore is still so far away after paddling for 10mins?!?!
Dad:- Secret! "Mai ka li gong!!" *Not gonna tell ya!* (^▽^ )

DoDo:- Animal Resort at Seletar Farmway has lots of animals! Dogs, Rabbits, Peacocks and Goats! MoMo went beserk and tug the leash so hard she almost choke herself!

Mum:- You also tug very hard!

MoMo:- We met up with one clicker trainer. I am supposed to go for obedience training to get a certificate for application to become a "therapy dog"! Auntie Jaz is very friendly & chatty, I lup her! (^ω^♥)

DoDo:- Mo chan first time on agility equipment. Look at the face, what a disgrace to Dachshunds! (`ω´*)
MoMo:- Eeek! Lis is scary!! Closed my eyes and scream:- "Daddddddddyyyyyyyyyy help moi"!!!


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hmmm.. now you made us so curious... so what happened at the beach??
Whatever it was that happened, I am sure both of you had enjoyed yourselves!

D0gl0v3r said...

Happy Ending :)