Monday, March 9, 2009

What Actually Happened!

DoDo:- Overheard Daddy commenting something like "communist bunch of moderators" at 8am! What the woof? I'm still lazing in my bed . . . what is it about this time? . . . . zzzzZZzZZZ

Mum:- Kekekekekeee!! He is banned in a local forum this morning! He now calls it the "super pui club" forum.

DoDo:- Anyway this is the details I gathered through "eavesdropping" . . .

Dad:- ψ(`∇´)ψ

"User "d0gl0v3r" has been banned for not conducting himself appropriately with his correspondences with fellow members even after given several warnings by moderators"

According to Dad, someone posted about her future MIL which "gave" away her dog while they are not at home which is untrue cause she does not even "own" the dog to being with! Dad was pissed off by her irresponsible act of badgering the future MIL plus the lack of information she gave in the initial post. He was warned and had his post edited for "insensitive & harsh" comments by Mod O. "Several warnings"? I think he/she meant "one" warning! ('ω´*)

"In addition, the user has been creating dissentients against moderators and Pets Channel in the shoutbox."

Dad was feeling bored last night at 2am and he was lurking at the forum. He was browsing the number of male members banned compared to the number of female members banned and he started a conversation on this topic in the shoutbox.

Mod B:- Because woman are generally more bleh bleh blah blah . . . and we do not encourage bad vibes among members etc bleh blah . . .

Dad:- Take a chill pill, it is just a joke don't take it so seriously!

Bootlicker S:- How do you feel if you were "provoked" by someone?

Dad:- Why would anyone provoke me or anyone for that matter in the first place?

Total silence in the shout box . . .

Dad being the potty mouth (or should I say itchy fingers) carry on to make a few more comments in the shoutbox on moderating of the threads in the forum:-

1) Mods should be more lenient especially moderating in the forum call "Agony Aunt" where members are supposedly post to vent on certain things in life!
2) About the recent chats with some doggie friends and most of them commented not going to that forum anymore due to the strict moderating and they have chosen to start a yahoo group(or other forum) for gathering purposes.
3) This is not good for the advertiser(s) in that forum.
4) He ended the night with a last sentence commenting how long will the thread be deleted if he start a topic on "Moderating In That Forum"!

DoDo:- He actually cared for the future of that forum! (_ _)>

"He has also go against the rules of the forum and created multiple accounts for his use. The account "d0glov3r" has also been banned as it's a duplicate account owned by the same person."

Dad:- I woke up this morning and found myself banned for no reason given and thus created this second account just to private message the webmaster. Never to use it to make any posts or complaints. Multiple accounts? What a croak of shit! 怒ε=( メ`ω´)/

The PM to the webmaster is as follows:- "I cannot believe in a democratic society like Singapore ya all still have a communist way of moderating a dog forum! If you think I deserved the banned, please ban this account too! Have a nice day, have a nice life!!"

Needless to say, I was banned 5 secs later . . .

Obviously most of these posts/comments are deleted as of this morning and nothing can be trace back anymore . . .

MoMo:- "Super Pui Club"? Huh? They serve good doggie food there?!? HurHurHur!!! ヾ(^▽^ )ノ

Dad:- We will be at Dogsforum and Doggiesite for future updating of DoMo's life!


bonkers bitch said...

Chill bro!!
No point getting so worked up with such ppl.
Not the 1st time anyway so HECK ARE THEM!!
That forum is no big deal anyway.

billiejean said...

Hi Do Do and Mo Mo,
Cookie and Billie Jean will be going to K9 Cafe this saturday at 10:00am...If you are free please come and play with us!


Chevro said...

haha chill chill!!

Where are u guys gg this weekend??
We are trying to badger mummy and daddy to take us out.... :) hee..

D0gl0v3r said...

BB:- I'm not worked up at all seriously just amazed and confused. I think just some lazy peeps don't give warnings or edit the threads/shoutbox so they go for the easy way out :- BANSTICK!

BJ:- DoMo ma working schedule is still hanging in the air on Saturday due to a outing on Sunday.

CCC:- We are going club4paws this Sunday. :D Possibly K9 campus on Saturday morning. Remind me to pass ya the leash ok?

oolong cha said...

awww~u got banned from the forum,that's so sad. Hmph! We'll be going to the SMU event on 21st, hope to meet all of you there!

serenitybb said...

Hey hey~

Actually i still don't understand how the ban came about also.. LOL~

Just ignore ba. We still gets to chat in MSN & arrange outings anyway~ =)

Chill ok?? =)

*and not forgetting i check on DoMo's blog pretty often for updates & pictures* tsktsk~

Huskee and Hershey said...

The one reason why we have not joined any doggie forum is because honestly, what we have heard from our friends about such forums are all negative. I mean 'ALL'... and you just proved my point again. No point getting worked up over silly people. Cheer up!

..Maria.. said...

heh?? u got banned while I was gone... never mind.. will see ya all in sgnorth!! *wink *wink

Anonymous said...

There are all kinds of funny people..recession causing these people mentally