Saturday, December 6, 2008

1st Yishun Canine Club Gathering!

Dad&Mum is very exicited to bring us to this gathering, they woke up early and left us at home. I think they went shopping at the Pet Station warehouse sales . . . ヽ('ー`)ノ They came back at around 11:30am and off we go to Yishun Park!

Wow! Nice turn out there were about 22 humans & 20 doggies at Yishun Park today!! The weather was nice and cloudy. Although it's started to rain at 3pm. . . . The whole group is so friendly, I can see all the humans chatting and we doggies eating and playing. We felt like a big happy family! Hopefully Dad&Mum will bring us to the next Yishun gathering!!

Updates:- Yishun Canine Club is now re-named to SGNorth Canine Connections, we welcome all Northern side dog owners to join and come for the gatherings! It is a non-profitable yahoo group with no hidden agenda!!

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