Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eventful Saturday!

Dad&Mum wakes up very early today! That's weird . . . they are usually not "morning people" especially on weekends! Hmmm!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Ahh yes! I heard them saying about a photo shooting session today at "MootsnMuttons"?

Dad:- Ah Bish! It's MuttsnMittens!! (_ _;)>

Upon reaching the place, we saw LOTS of doggies and catties! Wowie!! A lot of these dogs/cats are looking for a nice, warm & lovely home like us. *Though some of them are just here for boarding!*

Dad:- Now you know how lucky you two are right?!?

Mum:- Not only the dogs have to work for treats *posing*, the humans must be hardworking too! The lazy bum Daddy already hiding in the shade drinking his cola . . . (_ _||)

Dodo:- Nice view of the dog run.

Momo:- There is even a pool open to public too! $10 dollars per dog for 30 mins! Nice!!

If you want to view the portfolio of the photographer Nicholas please go to his webby at Furry-Photos!

After the photo shooting session, we had to rush down to Urban Pooch for a SGNorth gatherings.

Dodo:- mehh . . . I been here a few times already!

Jiajia:- My new yukata! Nice or not?

Miumiu:- Mummmmmy!!?

Golden:- Don't choke me, I NEED FREEDOM! *& EXERCISE*!!

Momo:- Snowy the white JRT my good friend!

DoMo:- While the humans are feasting, we had to be locked up in the pen . . . (>ω< ;)

Dad:- Mum has to rush off to work at 3pm, we had to leave Urban Pooch early *gomenasai* . . . the 2 rascals already concussed on the way home!

DoMo:- Thank you for the presents Auntie Isabel & Uncle Raymond!


billiejean said...

Hi DoDo,
We missed you at the Dachshund gathering Bishan Prwan Fishing on Sunday.. We have a BBQ with Sakura and Guai Guai.


D0gl0v3r said...

We were removed from SHD yahoo group with no reasons given, maybe you can help us ask the moderator cos they are not replying my emails. :D