Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve At "My Dog Ate It"

I overheard Dad&Mum discussing how they gonna celebrate Christmas eve. With us or without us . . . (´∩`。)

Later in the afternoon, they have decided to bring us to a cafe "My Dog Ate It" at Stagmont Ring. There is a Christmas movie marathon as well! w00t!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

It started raining when we reach there so Dad&Mum decided to go in-door.

Dodo:-Me posing at the front door!

Momo:- Ehhh~? Your name is Momo too? *When Momo (Mini Dachshund) meets Momo (Malamute)*

Human food:- Beef Lasagna. *Mummy say it's yummy!*

Human food:- Sausages with mesh potatoes. *Daddy think this is nice too!*

Doggie food:- Fish with brown rice.
Dodo:- First time eating fish, they smells hmm . . . fishy!

Doggie food:- Chicken with macaroni.
Momo:- I eat anything!

The portion is so big that both did not finish all . . . ┐(-。ー;)┌

Video of them swallowing the food!


Erin,Bubbles and Texas said...

Hi Guys
Wow what a neat looking resturant!! Wish we had one of those around here!

Merry Christmas!

Erin and the Dachshunds (bubbles and Texas)

Isabel said...

The food looks real nice.. *yummy* feel like eating..cya around & merry x'mas!

Amanda said...

Wow.... dogs are enjoying their food, my pets too love their food which I used to buy for them from PetCareRX.